MtG: 11 Most Expensive Dominaria United Cards

This is the time of year when Magic: The Gathering experiences its annual standard format rotation, pushing some of the older games out of the spotlight and taking a chunk of their value with them.

would dominate united it’s a significant set not only because of the standard rotation, but also because of the return of some major reprints from the past. This will surely shake the Magic card market and bring in new investments.

As always, the commander format will have the biggest impact on card prices this time around, so be sure to check out this list of the most expensive ones. meeting cards of would dominate united.

Keep in mind that the prices indicated correspond to the date of publication of this article: August 31, 2022.

Silverback Elder

  • normal art price: $9.96
  • Expanded Art Price: $20.47

Apparently green creatures haven’t been pushed enough in previous sets, so Wizards of the Coast decided to introduce another overpowered monster in would dominate united.

That doesn’t mean it will keep the high starting price, though, as there isn’t much interest in this card in either format. It’s just too expensive for the standard and not powerful enough for the commander.

The best forecast is that Silverback Elder will drop to around $5 a piece and hopefully stay there, if things look the way they do now for this ape shaman.

Shivan Ravager

  • normal art price: $10.69
  • Expanded Art Price: $16.26

A flexible flying haster will always have value regardless of time and format.

Currently, Shivan Devastator has been seen by standard, modern, and commander players as a candidate for some powerful red decks. But he doesn’t expect his price to go up too much.

There is definitely interest in it, considering the recent market fluctuations related to this card. If Shivan Devastator goes up in price after launch, then it won’t hit anything close to its pre-release price of $30, but it can and probably will hit the $15 mark.

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Karn, Living Legacy

  • normal art price: $11.46
  • price of art without borders: $15.58

A new Karn planeswalker has been heavily hyped ahead of release, but the price has dropped significantly.

This shows that the interest no longer exists once his abilities have been revealed. No one wants to play it, not even commander players, who can always find room for some weirdly specific cards like this one.

The hype for Karn, Living Legacy continues to wane, and don’t expect it to stop dropping in price any time soon. It’s just not very good!

heroes square

  • normal art price: $12.31
  • Expanded Art Price: $14.64

Here is the best new land of would dominate united establish. It’s clearly made for the commander crowd, and it shows in the amount of interest from the EDH community. It’s huge!

There is a strong possibility that Plaza of Heroes will become even more expensive than it is now, as pre-release prices started at $10 a pop, indicating a definite bull market.

The initial forecast is that in the coming months this land may double in price as more and more commander players will want to include it in their 99.

Sylex of Karn

  • normal art price: $12.43

There is a lot of text about this legendary artifact, but it all comes down to a flexible AoE removal effect. It can’t be activated the turn you play it unless you have ways to immediately untap it.

There are simply too many requirements for removal to occur, including costing 3 mana, albeit colorless. Still, it’s a decent effect in less-than-ideal packaging, and this card will most likely stall on the market.

There’s only very little interest in it from the modern, commanding crowd, which doesn’t guarantee anything particularly exciting for its future price.

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Vesuvan Duplication

  • normal art price: $13.14
  • Expanded Art Price: $16.46

Vesuvan Duplimancy is one of the most transparent cards in the new set, meaning it probably has the clearest result for its market share.

Nobody wants this card except EDH players, and even among them interest is pretty narrow. If it performs well in its specific commander format niche, then it can keep its current price. Otherwise, expect a very slow decline in prices.

Orvar players will be happy to play Vesuvan Duplimancy, but that alone doesn’t make this card a good investment.

Jodah, the Uniter

  • normal art price: $14.11
  • display art price: $14.34

The EDH community loves 5-color commanders, and Jodah the Unifier has a very powerful effect, which definitely makes him an attractive commander.

Unfortunately, all this power isn’t worth a solid investment, as Jodah’s price has been steadily dropping since the moment he was revealed.

Sisay players will take this one without hesitation, but they will also ensure that Jodah remains in the relatively safe market space, where he will be protected from unexpected price spikes.

Serra Paragon

  • normal art price: $21.05
  • Expanded Art Price: $29.03

Let’s be honest, Serra Paragon is a fantastic card!

It has all the characteristics of a basic card that will be played in various white decks in various formats. But it seems that this angel has now become mostly a favorite of modern players, who love abilities that bring up lands and other permanents from the graveyard.

It’s not as over the top as Lurrus of the Dream-Den, but it has the potential to get more expensive. Of course, there is no definitive answer, but assuming that you will earn another $3-4 would not be unreasonable.

timeless lotus

  • normal art price: $34.98

Artifacts that have a word “Lotus” in their name are always promoted heavily during pre-release. Well, the Timeless Lotus is no exception, trading at around $80 right after the reveal.

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As you can see, the price dropped significantly and will continue to drop no doubt. It is a similar case of the Sylex of Karn, another legendary artifact of would dominate united that will soon be forgotten.

Sure, 5-color commander players will be happy to get their hands on the Timeless Lotus, but that means nothing to the general. meeting market. So expect a significant price drop on this one as well.

Sheoldred, the Apocalypse

  • normal art price: $37.84
  • display art price: $43.59

About a month ago this card was leaked with fake text, leading many players to believe that Sheoldred was going to be a new Vorinclex, another powerful Phyrexian Praetor, but black in color.

This generated a lot of anticipation. To the surprise of many, once Sheoldred’s actual abilities were revealed, the Apocalypse didn’t ruin it, but it did get more players excited to play this card in commander format.

All this means that Sheoldred will have a lot of purchasing power, although it is really difficult to say when exactly it will peak.

Liliana of the Veil

  • normal art price: $44.11
  • price of art without borders: $51.57

Liliana of the Veil is by far the biggest reprint of 2022. Seeing this modern staple still going strong after 11 years on the market is a good sign for any Magic investor.

The new supply will naturally lower prices across the market, but eventually it will level off and Liliana of the Veil will once again be a highly sought after card.

The main sentiment here is to wait for the price to drop after the release and then buy it in the expectation of a slow market build.

Those are the most expensive cards in would dominate united. For more Magic: The Gathering content, card lists and guides, go to our meeting center page here.

Posted on August 31, 2022

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