MultiVersus advances the characters that will see their power reduced or increased soon

Warner’s free to play fighting game is being a success in its open beta launch.

MultiVersus is one of the sensations of these last days. After launching its open beta last week, the free to play fighting game It has quickly and arguably become Warner’s most successful release, and much of the blame rests with the characters that are part of the cast.

Bugs Bunny and Wonder Woman will receive changesEach of them is recreated in detail with different movements and expressions typical of the series and movies in which they appear, but at a playable level there are certain imbalances that are making some stronger and some weaker in battle, something that is essential to adjust in this genre.

For this reason, the director of MultiVersus, Tony Huynh, has advanced through social networks some changes that will come after the EVO, the fighting tournament that takes place from August 5 to 7. The first affected is bugs bunnywhose power will be reduced although “it will still be fun”, while the opposite will happen to the second protagonist: wonder-woman It will be buffed relative to its hitbox and cooldown.

In addition, Huynh has confirmed that in a recent free to play open beta update, the hook has been improved. Batmanan error that occurred in a movement of Steven Universe and fixed an issue affecting the air special attack of The iron Giant.

It’s worth remembering that, like the recent addition of LeBron James, more fighters will be added to the game on PC, PlayStation and Xbox in the coming months. In addition, MultiVersus has a character rotation system that allows us to try some of them online without having to buy them.

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