MultiVersus Open Beta Will Have Several New Playable Characters

The upcoming open beta for MultiVersus will have several new playable characters.

The last big news we got from MultiVersus was that its open beta would take place in July and that the Iron Giant would be one of the characters included. It was assumed that no other characters would be added with the open beta considering that others have not been announced yet, but the game director has apparently confirmed that there will be a few more.


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On Twitter, MultiVersus director Tony Huynh regularly answers questions about the game and acknowledges requests from fans. In this case, asked by a fan if Iron Giant will be the only new playable character included in the game’s upcoming open beta., or if there would be some more characters. Although Huynh didn’t say how many, he did confirm that the open beta will have multiple new playable characters.

Huynh said, “Yes, more characters are coming. I’m really excited too!” and confirmed that the open beta will have at least two more new characters than the closed beta. It could end up being more than two, but Huynh’s use of “characters” makes it clear that at least The Iron Giant isn’t the only fighter to be added in the beta.

As for who those characters might end up being, there are some sensible guesses thanks to various datamines that have been carried out in recent months. Two that seem very likely are Rick and LeBron James, as the most recent datamine has revealed that data for all of Rick’s moves and cosmetics is currently in the game. Rick was also one of the first characters included in the design document, so he’s clearly been planned for the game for some time.

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LeBron seems to be another likely candidate to appear in-game for the open beta, as dataminers were also able to find a large number of his voice lines and an item that appears to be related to his moveset, implying it’s almost over.

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