MultiVersus: we know when the “little fluffy surprise” will come out of its box!

Game News MultiVersus: we know when the “little fluffy surprise” will come out of its box!

After being the subject of insistent rumors throughout the summer, the presence of a protagonist from the film Gremlins in the free-to-play MultiVersus was finally formalized in August. But we now know when the creature will be released in the game and it’s coming very soon!

MultiVersus: a big family

On the strength of a success that could almost make its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the essential free-to-play MultiVersus is not only worth for the frenzy of its gameplay but also for its incredible cast of characters. All the great mascots of Warner Bros. met there for an improbable settling of accounts where all shots are allowed.

Widely acclaimed by gamers, MultiVersus only needed 28 days to reach 20 million participants and its success remains as explosive as ever. It must be said that its content continues to expand with the continual arrival of new fighters and not the least. A little over two weeks ago, the game team notably confirmed the upcoming arrival of Black Adam, from the DC Comics universe, but also another character very popular with moviegoers.

Gizmo + Stripe = Gremlins?

If the first rumors had started to run about it at the end of May, the intrusion of the Gremlins license into the heart of the MultiVersus universe was then officially recorded on August 15th. The creators of MultiVersus then announced the upcoming arrival of Stripe, the leader of the Gremlins recognizable by his large white wick, without however giving any indication of its launch date. Today, the official Twitter account reveals that one of the most iconic creatures of 80s cinema will join the MultiVersus arena next Tuesday !

We have a fluffy little surprise waiting for you on Tuesday! #MultiVersus

Two characters instead of one!

A question remained all the same concerning the treatment which would be granted to this legend of the cinema in the gameplay of MultiVersus. Because if we rely on the small teaser extract presented through this tweet, it is indeed Gizmo and not Stripe which is about to come out of its boxeven if the shadow of the Gremlins is not far away…

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MultiVersus: we know when the “little fluffy surprise” will come out of its box!

As a reminder, Gizmo is a mogwai, an adorable and harmless creature that should not be fed after midnight at the risk of seeing it mutate into the form of a horrible Gremlins much less wise. We could therefore legitimately wonder if Gizmo and Stripe would both be present in MultiVersus or if it would be a transformation of the character during the game? The game designers quickly answered these questions specifying that there would be two different characters and that it was Gizmo who would arrive on Tuesdaya little ahead of his friend Stripe.

Gizmo and Stripe are two separate characters. #MultiVersus

The mogwai and the gremlins should therefore be able to face each other very soon… One thing is certain, as in the film directed by Joe Dante in 1984, the intrusion of the Gremlins license into free-to-play is likely to sow a little more no more mayhem in the arenas of MultiVersus!

MultiVersus: we know when the “little fluffy surprise” will come out of its box!

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