MX Mechanical Mini: Logitech offers us its new typewriter

News hardware MX Mechanical Mini: Logitech offers us its new typewriter

Are you familiar with office automation? Are you more into Word or any other office software in general? So, put away that old CDI keyboard from your college and let yourself be seduced by the new kid from Logitech, I named the MX Mechanical Mini.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini: Overview and Features

Height (keys included) 26.10mm
Lenght 433.85mm
Thickness 131.55mm
Weight 612g
Shell Aluminum
Keys Graphite plastic
switch type Cherry MX Low profile Tactile
Backlight Yes, by key
Multiple connectivity Yes, 3 devices
Audio port(s) Nope
Starting price 149€

Read the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini review

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Released on April 25, 2022, the MX Mechanical Mini is the more compact and smaller version of Logitech’s “basic” MX Mechanical. It’s a TKL-keyboard (TenKeyLess = keyboard without numeric keypad) made of a structure entirely in aluminum for a weight of only 612 g.

We cannot talk about a keyboard without discussing the keys: the latter are made of a gray graphite plastic with a small recess at the level of the keys to guarantee a perfect hit without a hitch. The keyboard is available with 3 different types of switches: linear, tactile and clicky. When testing the keyboard, we were only able to test the touch version.

MX Mechanical Mini: Logitech offers us its new typewriterMX Mechanical Mini: Logitech offers us its new typewriter

Today, the new keyboards are wireless, and the MX Mechanical Mini is no exception. It connects to your PC or Mac via USB dongle (provided in the box) or if you run out of battery while writing your TPE, you can very well connect to your computer with a USB-C cable. Indeed, you read correctly, the keyboard is compatible with the operating systems Windows, MacOS or Linux.

A feature taken from the old Logitech keyboards is back on this MX Mechanical Mini: multi-pairing (called Easy-Switch). This feature allows you to connect the keyboard via Bluetooth to three devices at the same time. By holding down the keys at the top left for a long time, you can connect the MX Mechanical Mini to a smartphone, another PC, or even a tablet. Therefore, at the push of a button, you can switch between the different devices.

MX Mechanical Mini: Logitech offers us its new typewriter

The Logi Options + software allows you to reprogram the majority of the keys at will (to change a shortcut, …) but also modify the backlighting of the keyboard. We are talking about a white backlight here, not RGB on the MX Mechanical Mini.

Comfort and perfect use for office automation

Logitech designed this MX Mechanical Mini for a specific area: office automation and more particularly for writing. It’s hard to do Excel with this keyboard without a numeric keypad. If you’re more of a spreadsheet type, we recommend its big brother, the “basic” MX Mechanical with numeric keypad.

As stated previously, this keyboard is perfect for writing thanks to its typing comfort and its compact size. These tactile switches provide the same feeling as a typewriter while offering a very quiet typing. If you work late at night, the backlight per key will be of great use to youwith different parameters and lighting profiles editable via Logi Options +.

MX Mechanical Mini: Logitech offers us its new typewriter

In contrast, this keyboard is not optimized for gaming at all because of the keys which are quite close together. You can easily rip on an adjacent key and do an unwanted action (For example: missclick on the flash on League Of Legends :/)

On the battery side, with a full charge, this MX Mechanical Mini will last against all odds for 15 days with the backlight activated.

All in all, the MX Mechanical is a great keyboard for typing and other tasks that don’t require a numeric keypad. If you want a numeric keypad, adopt its big brother, the MX Mechanical, which retains all the characteristics of the mini version. Be careful though, for gaming, go your way and turn to other devices.

Read the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini review

Buy the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini from Amazon

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