Nathan Fillion drastically underestimates Joss Whedon as “maybe a little haunted”

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Once upon a time, buffy the vampire slayer creator and the Avengers director Joss Whedon he was the undisputed king of Hollywood geeks. His every word was followed by millions of passionate fans, he was considered a trailblazer for his leading female characters and was regularly one of the go-to writers for a high-profile script.

Now his crown has fallen, with the consequences of his disastrous direction of the theatrical cut of League of Justice (and subsequent revelations of the casts of his various shows) making him persona non grata. The situation was cemented in an interview about a car accident with the Vulture earlier in the year that seemed to confirm everyone’s worst suspicions.

But it seems that Whedon still has some people on his side. Firefly Y Serenity Star Nathan Fillion was asked about the director on Michael Rosenbaum’s film. Inside you podcast. When asked if he would be back for a meeting, Fillion said “why not?” He was then asked if he would sign up if Whedon wasn’t involved.

Fillion said it would be “heartbreaking” and was asked for his opinion on Whedon, whom he wholeheartedly supported.

“Funny, self-deprecating, incredibly talented…maybe a little haunted. By his own admission, that guy is a work in progress. She would be working with Joss again in a second.

Nathan Fillion

Perhaps Fillion might have a different opinion if she were a teenager in a Whedon production or a leading actor who got pregnant? Hell, even when she works on FireflyWhedon earned a reputation for cruelty.

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Regardless, this is not the end of the road for Whedon. For all the breathless talk about celebrity cancel culture, Hollywood is all too willing to forgive men for their transgressions and welcome them back into the fold. With Whedon’s long history of uncredited rewrites, it’s possible he’s secretly working on major projects as we speak.

But even if Whedon came back for a Firefly either leukocyte comeback show, he’ll never regain the “nice guy” reputation he clearly valued so highly.

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