Netflix users bring a chilling action thriller from the cold

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Having started his directing career with acclaimed awards season favourites. pride and prejudice Y Atonementbefore continuing with the maligned faux pas that was gooey drama the soloistPeople were understandably curious when Joe Wright announced that his next feature film would be a hard-hitting action thriller. Hanna.

A solid if unspectacular hit at the time after more than doubling its $30 million budget at the box office. Hanna it went on to find huge success on home video, generating over $10 million in sales in the United States alone. Not only that, but it ultimately spawned a popular Prime Video series that ran for three seasons, and Wright’s unexpected detour turned out to be the gift he kept on giving.

via sony

However, it is the original that has been breaking its neck on Netflix this week, with Saoirse Ronan’s quest for revenge shooting up Netflix’s global charts, according to FlixPatrol. Raised in the Finnish wilderness by her mysterious father (played by Eric Bana), the title heroine has spent her life being trained in the ways of murder.

Sent across Europe on a covert mission, Cate Blanchett’s shadowy head of government begins to reach out and drop a series of bombs on young Hanna, her past, present, and potential future, all at the same time, altering her existence and making her question everything you know.

An existential action game that combines strong performances with sharp choreography. Hanna It comfortably cultivates a sense of awesomeness that many other titles in the genre aspire to but never quite achieve.

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