Netflix’s latest incompetent action movie bonanza brutalizes the Top 10 in 71 countries

via Netflix

Just when it seemed like Netflix was turning around to start offering action movies that weren’t roundly panned by critics, comes Blackout to restore the balance in the established order.

While the recent success lou Earning a respectably strong Rotten Tomatoes score of 70 percent, we don’t expect director Sam Macaroni (yes, like pasta) to receive anywhere near the same levels of praise for his unimaginative, unstoppable shooter that he currently has. a measly 3.9/10 ratings average on IMDb, with most reviews a step above scathing.

via Netflix

Naturally, however, Blackout has become a monster-sized hit on the platform since it was added to the library yesterday, because few things hook the masses like explosive pyrotechnics that don’t require your brain to be on fire.

According to FlixPatrol, Josh Duhamel’s latest uninspired foray into action hero territory has instantly grabbed a Top 10 hit in 71 countries to rank as the streamer’s fourth biggest movie globally, and with the weekend just around the corner, it is destined to fly even higher.

As you’ve seen many times before, Duhamel’s Cain wakes up in a hospital with no idea who he is or how he got there, but the place is locked down and he has plenty of angry enemies hot on his heels. Sure enough, the only way to escape and find out his true identity and reasons for being there involves a lot of punching, shooting, and explosions.

There’s nothing wrong with formulaic action games from time to time, but Netflix is ​​really becoming a habit.

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