New Steam charts show the platform’s best-selling games

Valve has taken matters into its own hands with a new Steam charts feature that officially shows the best-selling games on the platform. Previously, PC gaming fans had to turn to third-party websites to track the most popular Steam games, but now Valve offers a detailed, real-time view of the games that are doing the most on the store.

The new Steam Charts page is Valve’s response to a number of third-party sites, including SteamDB, SteamSpy, and SteamCharts, that previously offered data on Valve’s platform and which games perform best. It replaces the old Steam stats page and offers real-time rankings of the best-selling and most-played games, as well as additional weekly and monthly breakdowns.

The charts themselves are really cool, just like music charts like the US Billboard charts, they show how many weeks a game has been on the charts and how much a game has moved up or down the charts since the last week. You can also see a game’s current player count and its daily peak, much like you could with the previous Steam stats page.

Valve notes that “the new best-seller lists rank games based on total revenue, including all sources such as DLC and in-game transactions” to give a more complete picture of games that are succeeding. With more games focusing on long-term support and ‘live service’ models, this new model should give a clearer picture of the success of those games.

Free-to-play PC games will also be included in the lists, with Valve saying that “traditionally, our best-seller lists only included revenue from premium game purchases, but that obscured the very popular free or cheap games where players players buy season passes, major expansions, or other forms of new content.” He adds that multiple editions of a game can also be combined to prevent duplicate entries from clouding statistics.

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You can check out the Steam Charts page for yourself at that link. Hopefully this marks the start of more revisions to the platform from Valve, as many PC gamers say the Steam guides are a mess to use. In related news, a recent update makes it easier to claim free Steam games and DLC, and some users have called for more consistent Steam age checks to be applied across the platform’s library.

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