Ni No Kuni: Cross World features server-wide battles and pets in latest update

The latest update to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds introduces pets and server-wide competitive multiplayer.

In the Fight for the Throne event, players will join in battle against three other kingdoms. Players will have to devise a strategy to bring a centralized dragon to their own base and reach a specific score to achieve victory. Winning players will be designated as the Capital Kingdom on the server. The winner will receive special rewards, such as a special kingdom skin, a costume, and bonuses for server events.

The other important addition is pets. Unlike familiars, pets will follow players around the world. Pets can also serve as collectibles. In other changes, you can now choose whether to play a mission with automatic, semi-automatic, or manual settings. New players using the PC version of the game can also skip the mobile linked registration and simply start on their computer.

The update also brings with it special events. In the Fight for the Throne opening event, players who use a new cheer feature at a specific time will receive a decorative four-star chest. In the Cooking Competition Episode Eve event, players can receive a four-star boar familiar as well as buff materials, based on their quest points. In the seven-day celebration event for the launch of Capital Kingdom, players can accomplish daily goals such as defeating a world boss or simply drinking a health potion to receive boosting materials and a four-star weapon chest.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a free mobile spin-off of the Ni No Kuni JRPG series. It was released in May 2022. In GameSpot’s impressions feature, Jason Fanelli said that “there’s a lot to do in Cross Worlds, but the game can do a lot on its own.”

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