Nintendo reveals two beautiful new areas in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

We already know quite a bit about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – we’ve met some of the characters and looked at a lot of the game’s combat in the upcoming RPG. Today, Nintendo has introduced us to two of the game’s areas, and one has a particularly familiar enemy for Xenoblade fans to challenge.

These two new areas tick a couple of JRPG boxes and a couple of Xenoblade boxes, but what always makes these locations stand out is the variety of fauna, flora, and the sheer scope and detail of each location. Don’t forget that we may have seen snippets of these places before, but this is the first time a location has been named, so remember a little bit from a few weeks ago first:

All caught? If you’re a fan of the series, you might notice some connections between these two new locations and the previous games, so if that’s bothering you, now might be the time to walk away! Executive director Tetsuya Takahashi has already confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 “is a new adventure that unites the worlds of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to take players into the future.” But the more we see of the game’s locations, the more real that statement feels.

So let’s take a look at what the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has to offer! We’ve taken everything from the official Nintendo UK Twitter so it’s all in one useful place for you:

millick meadows

A river flows through the vast prairies of Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Millick Meadows. The lush nature on display here certainly looks enticing, but beware: the creatures (and even plants) that live here don’t get along with passersby.

Millick Meadows looks totally lovely, like a typical early Xenoblade area, and that’s not a bad thing! It reminds us of Gaur Plains from the first game and Gormott from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with its sprawling lush fields and the types of monsters that roam. Rushing water and big blue skies take us back. In some of the screens, you can see the two ancient giants (from the box art) in the background, and something that looks a lot like one of Gaur Plains’ huge arches is in a couple of shots.

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Oh, and look who’s on the top left! The Territorial Rotbart has been a mainstay since Xenoblade Chronicles: it’s a Unique Monster that typically hovers around level 80 (with other variants at higher levels), and it’s something of a rite of passage to run to this severely low level only to be annihilated. We promise.

eagus desert

If you like sand in your shoes, check out the Eagus Wilderness from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You might see a familiar landmark as you evade the sandstorms of this desert. Is that a… giant mechanical finger?

Eagus Wilderness is decidedly less relaxing (if you can call a field with a giant ape-like creature running around that). If anything, this place looks a bit like Oblivia in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The plants are all dry here, and some monsters have rocks and crystals growing on their backs. But Nintendo UK is pointing towards a mechanical finger, which you can see in the top left image. But what is he doing there?

It’s probably Mechonis’s finger, from the first game. Now, we won’t go into details as this is a late game location in Xenoblade Chronicles (and we know some of you are trying to catch up before July), but there are some hints in some of the screenshots to suggest what this place used to be.

We are almost two months away from the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on July 29. That seems a long way off, but it will soon catch up with us, and we’ll suddenly be panicking that we have too many video games to finish before it drops!

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You can pre-order the game below, and remember, if you’re in the US, you can get a $50 eShop card for 10% off in our store using the code NLIFE10:

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Talk about these new locations in the comments, but be aware of spoilers for those who haven’t finished 1 or 2!

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