Nintendo sales: The most original game of the Switch breaks its price

News good plan Nintendo sales: The most original game of the Switch breaks its price

Nintendo has never been outdone on the original concepts in terms of play. The proof again here with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The title offers the possibility of actually building your circuit before challenging the clock and your friends via the Switch and radio-controlled karting. It is now on sale at Micromania, but above all in stock.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit goes to €79 during the Summer Sales on Micromania

Nintendo’s toy game has often been out of stock since its release at many French distributors. Micromania seems to have remaining stocks and therefore decides to lower the initial price of 109€ to the price of 79€. Today is the best drop and the best price on the market, so you might as well take advantage of it while there are stocks available!

This is an ideal gift to find during these summer sales, especially if you have children to mix the video game and the toy. Because an interactive circuit at this price, in addition to having a collectible Mario kart, is a bargain.

Buy the Mario Kart Live Home game at 79€ at Micromania

An original concept for the Nintendo Switch and Mario

For those who do not yet know the game, it is a version of Mario Kart specially developed for the Nintendo Switch which offers to play with the characters of the Mario universe in virtual reality in your home. The trailers caused a sensation at the time and the tests a year ago confirmed the fun aspect of the title and the pleasure of seeing the game literally arrive in our living rooms.

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In practice, a camera is embedded on a replica of Mario’s kart and will allow you first of all in exploration mode to discover your living room on the screen. This has its small effect, and augmented reality characters and objects will enhance your journey.

This route, the game offers you to structure it yourself thanks to physical portals. You will thus have sorts of modular checkpoints which will allow you to create a unique race each time.

Obviously, physical mini kart obliges, leaving the route thus created will have no effect on your speed, but you will not be able to recover the items because they are only on the track. These items, logically, influence the real physical kart: when you take a mushroom, it will accelerate, when you are hit by a shell, it will stop, etc. The title was rated 16/20 in our columns.

The opinion of


With this Mario Kart, Big N impresses in the way it offers a powerful, innovative concept, which works very well even being the first of its kind. The augmented reality title is thus particularly mastered: the small vehicle responds very well to the player’s inputs, the quality of its camera is surprisingly good, and we enjoy exploring our home from Exploration Mode, where there is no nothing else to do but walk around on the ground. But the big piece of the title is of course its races, with four gates that you can place at will. Their use is also less restrictive than what one might expect. Even if the course layout must pass through these key points to be validated, the length of the course is very flexible, and the only real limit will be the good Wi-Fi connection between your Switch and the kart. The moment of reflection to imagine the craziest circuit is thus really pleasant (this is even more the case in multiplayer). But if creativity is the engine of Mario Kart Live, it can only be expressed in a play area worthy of the name, large enough. Home Circuit is ultimately a very good title to salute for its innovation, but which may prove frustrating for those who do not have the space to really enjoy it.

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Buy the Mario Kart Live Home game at 79€ at Micromania

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