Nintendo Switch exclusives are discounted in the new eShop offer

Nintendo’s aptly named Big Ol’ Super Sale is out now, giving you a way to stock up on exclusives like super Mario Odyssey, link Awakening, super Mario 2 Maker, and more without breaking the bank. The savings will last until July 6, but with a fairly large catalog, you’ll want to take a look and plan your budget as soon as possible.

if you missed super mario 2 maker when it released in 2019, consider picking it up while it’s on sale for just $42, down from $60. Not only does the great platformer let you create your own levels and share them online, it comes with a set of over 100 courses created by Nintendo.

Other Switch-exclusive Nintendo games featured in the sale include: Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Paper Mario: The Origami King, and Bravely Default 2.

Beyond all of Nintendo’s own games, there are also a ton of great indie games for sale. This includes To the east, gate of death, Hell, Y Chicory.

The full catalog can be found on the Switch eShop, but we’ve highlighted some of our favorite deals below. Be sure to check out the deals before they end on July 6. The eShop sale is far from the only big promotion going on right now. Steam’s summer sale is now available and PlayStation has just launched its mid-year sale.

The best deals on the Switch eShop

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