Nintendo Switch Lite consoles are on sale for $169 (refurbished)

Looking for a deal on a Switch Lite? You can buy a refurbished model on eBay for just $169 while supplies last. Considering the handheld console retails for $200, and new models aren’t always on the shelves, this is a great way to get the handheld version of Nintendo’s popular system at a discount. At the time of this writing, the deal offers coral and turquoise color options (while supplies last) and all units are listed as “Excellent,” come in original packaging, and include the standard Switch Lite USB-C adapter.

If you’ve never purchased a refurbished device before, they are previously owned products that are tested to make sure they work, then cleaned and repaired to match the quality of new models as closely as possible. Buying refurbished tech from eBay sellers can sometimes seem like a gamble, but eBay verifies refurbishment quality and seller re_tech_deals has 100% positive feedback based on over 13,000 customer ratings. That said, the seller does offer free returns if you experience any issues with the console.

One thing this offer doesn’t include is a game, so you’ll need to purchase something to play separately. Luckily, we’ve got tons of recommendations for the best games on Nintendo Switch, as well as the best retro games included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service and expansion pack.

Unlike the standard Switch or Switch OLED, the Switch Lite does not include a dock and cannot be played on a TV, and Joy Con controllers cannot be detached, which means that some games and certain game modes (especially mode local co-op) are incompatible or not ideal on Switch Lite. Be sure to check out our Switch Lite review for more information.

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