Nintendo Switch: Nintendo launches repair service in Japan

News hardware Nintendo Switch: Nintendo launches repair service in Japan

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you may be one of those who have encountered the Joy-Con drift issue. You’re in the middle of the game and your character suddenly starts going all over the place without you having any means of controlling it, or almost. Nintendo has just launched a service that solves this problem – and others – but only in Japan for the moment.

Nintendo under fire from critics

The Joy-Con problem drifting, which translates to “drift”, has been feeding forums and social networks for several years. When the problem occurs, three solutions are available to players: contact the manufacturer’s after-sales service, change the stick yourself or simply buy new Joy-Con (which, we remember, are far from cheap). Despite all the actions implemented to denounce this recurring problem (we are talking about 2 out of 5 Joy-Con defective in the United Kingdom for example), Nintendo continues to certify that it is normal wear and tear. However, some consumer defense associations have stepped up to the plate and the Kyoto firm has just launched a new test service in Japan: warranty coverage!

Paid repair service

Available only in Japan at the moment, the repair service, dubbed Wide Care, covers a range of Nintendo Switch console repairs. This ranges from the fall of the device to water damage through natural failures (console body, screen, controllers, dock, etc.). And among these, there is of course the Joy-Con drift. For around fifteen euros per year, Nintendo Switch owners can thus anticipate all the problems that may arise on their machine. For Nintendo, it’s also a way to protect families with children (an accident can happen so quickly). The warranty offered by Nintendo covers up to six repairs per year and covers the three existing models of the console: Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED. It remains to be seen whether this will ever happen in France.

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If Nintendo France offered such a service in France, would you be interested?

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