No Man’s Sky will not support multiplayer on Nintendo Switch

No Man’s Sky is heading to Nintendo Switch with all six years of updates, but unfortunately it won’t include multiplayer. You will be mapping the galaxy in your solitude, meditating among the stars.

As reported by Eurogamer, this feature is not listed on the Switch store. It was originally added in July 2018, so it was never a launch feature, but it allowed friends to explore the unknown and build outposts together, a long-awaited marketing promise that caused quite a stir when it was finally added.


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But for Switch players, it won’t be there at launch, seemingly repeating the game’s story. However, developer Hello Games said it would keep the Switch updated along with other platforms, but didn’t say whether that would include implementing co-op in the future. We’ll have to wait and see.

“No Man’s Sky on this little handheld device feels completely natural and also totally unlikely at the same time,” said Hello Games founder Sean Murray. “This has been a real achievement for our small team. No Man’s Sky is based on procedural generation, which means everything you see is generated by the console. This makes it much more difficult to port our game to something like Switch, But I think this team never seems happier than when they’re trying to do near-impossible things.”

If you fancy playing with your friends, a physical PS5 version will also be released, but the best you can get on Switch is sitting in the same room together while you play, charting a galaxy impossibly far from each other. You can pick it up on October 7 for Switch, though that’s not the only new platform it’s being developed for.

No Man’s Sky VR already exists, but Hello Games isn’t done there. It will bring it to PSVR2 complete with improved performance and graphics, aiming to make the experience even more immersive as you take on all-new space whales as you fly around the stars, and get seasick as you zip between planets. These updates may also make their way to the PC version, so expect some VR updates in the future as well.

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