No more annoying clicking sounds – this (very) quiet mouse has near-perfect Amazon ratings

A 2021 study found that sounds of nature, particularly water and birdsong, can work to reduce stress, improve cognitive performance, and improve mood. Unfortunately, audible mouse clicks and finger scrolling are a far cry from the sound of a babbling stream, and can be distracting for both you and the people around you. To keep things low-key, the best silent mouse will be designed with soft cushions that make the buttons and scroll wheels almost silent, creating a quieter environment. They come in a variety of designs, including flat, ergonomic, and highly responsive styles for gaming, and range in price depending on the features you want.

What to consider when buying the best silent mouse


If you do heavy mouse work, you may want to opt for an ergonomic design that fits the natural shape of your hand. However, some people prefer a thin, flat mouse, which is very portable and a great option if you’re left-handed or ambidextrous. Most mice are wireless, but if you’re a gamer, you may want to consider a wired style as it will offer more stability and better response time.

Battery duration

If you opt for a wireless design over a wired mouse, you’ll find styles with rechargeable batteries and options that run on replaceable A or AA batteries. If you use your mouse for simple work tasks, a replaceable battery can last up to 18 months, but if you’re using the mouse for gaming, you may need to replace it after about 250 hours. The amount of use you’ll get from a rechargeable mouse varies widely, with options on this list clocking in at up to 70 hours before you need to plug it in. If you opt for a mouse with a rechargeable battery, make sure the charging socket is accessible while the mouse is in use (in other words, on the front of the mouse). No matter which power source you choose, power-saving features like sleep mode can help extend battery life.


If you opt for a wireless mouse, keep in mind that it connects to your computer via Bluetooth or a USB receiver. If you want to be able to use your mouse at a distance from your computer, look for one with decent range; All of the options on this list allow you to use your mouse from up to 33 feet away.


The sensitivity of a mouse is measured in dots per square inch (DPI), which translates to how many pixels the cursor will travel on the computer screen with each movement of the mouse. A mouse with higher sensitivity, or a higher DPI, will require small movements to travel across the screen, while a mouse with a lower DPI will require larger hand movements to travel the same distance on the screen. A higher DPI might be useful if you’re working on a higher resolution screen, but a lower DPI can actually offer more precision if you’re doing fine, detailed work on your computer (working on layouts, for example). Options here range from 800 DPI to 8,000 DPI. When it comes to the best gaming mice, higher DPI and more sensitivity are useful for high speeds, but lower DPI can give you more precision for finicky tasks. For the most versatility, look for a mouse with adjustable sensitivity that best suits your needs.

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Whether you use it for work or play, the best quiet mouse will offer a wide range of functions, without the distraction that clicking can present. Here are six options to consider.

Buy the best silent mice

In a hurry? These are the best silent mice:

  1. Best Overall: Logitech SILENT PLUS Wireless Mouse
  2. Best Flat Mouse: Logitech Wireless Pebble Mouse
  3. Best Wired Mouse: JSCO Silent Wired Mouse
  4. Best Color Choices: seenda Silent Wireless Mouse
  5. Best High-Tech Mouse: Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse
  6. Best Mouse with LED Effects: Uiosmuph Slim Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

1. The best overall

With an overall 4.7-star rating on Amazon after 17,000 reviews, this Logitech Wireless Silent Mouse features a simple two-button design and uses SilentTouch technology to reduce more than 90% of button click sounds and noise. precision scroll wheel. Plus, the plastic feet on the base of the mouse allow it to glide across tabletop surfaces with minimal noise. The silent wireless mouse features a contoured design specifically for right-hand use and soft rubber lining the side grips for a comfortable grip. With a wireless USB receiver range of 33 feet and a DPI of 1000, the mouse offers precise control in a variety of settings. It is powered by A-battery with a 24-month shelf life and has an energy-saving sleep mode.

One reviewer wrote: “This mouse got me through school and quiet sessions in the library with sound and battery life. It does a decent job for light gaming and does an amazing job of not drawing attention to itself when in quiet places. Some would feel the lack of buttons, but for me, the simplicity and convenience will do the job just fine.”

Power supply: A battery | PPP: 1,000 | Connection: USB Receiver | Range: 33 feet

2. The best flat mouse

With a super slim and minimalist design, Logitech’s Pebble mouse earned an overall rating of 4.8 stars after amassing 25,000 reviews. It has an ambidextrous design and soft-grip body that’s comfortable for a variety of users, and the sound-dampening rubber scroll wheel and click technology result in over 90% noise reduction compared to standard mice.

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The silent-click mouse is powered by one AA battery that provides up to 18 months of use depending on activity levels, and has an on/off switch to help conserve power between uses. With a DPI of 1000 and a range of 33 feet, the mouse can be connected to your computer wirelessly using the included USB receiver or via Bluetooth by selecting this option on the base of the mouse.

One reviewer wrote: “I was specifically looking for a mouse that had a ‘soft touch’ and not a ‘hard click’. This mouse is exactly what I was looking for, I love it! I also love that it has a bluetooth option so I can easily use it with a different computer on the go.”

Power supply: AA battery | PPP: 1,000 | Connection: USB or Bluetooth receiver | Range: 33 feet

3. The best wired mouse

This wired option can offer more stability and faster responsiveness than wireless mice, making it a good gaming mouse, and you won’t have to worry about battery life either. The DPI of the mouse can be adjusted from 800 to 1600 DPI, offering excellent sensitivity without lag. It has a relatively simple design, with left and right click buttons, two shoulder buttons, and a scroll wheel, all in a curved design that feels comfortable in the hand. Reviewers were pleased with how quiet the click is, but some noted that the scroll wheel makes a little more noise than expected.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve been looking for a quiet gaming mouse for years. That is all. It is very quiet. It also works well in games. Awesome!”

Power supply: wired | PPP: adjustable from 800 to 1600 | Connection: wiring | Range: n/a

4. The best color options

With over 100,000 ratings, Seenda’s budget mouse comes in over 20 colors, making it a great choice if you’re looking to add a design element to your workspace. It’s powered by a single AA battery and has a sleep mode that kicks in after 10 minutes of inactivity. The silent wireless mouse is curved for a comfortable feel in your hand and has non-slip pads on the base to dampen noise and ensure precise tracking. It has a DPI of 1600 and a range of up to 33 feet, thanks to the included USB receiver that fits neatly on the bottom of the mouse for storage between uses.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m sensitive to a lot of clicks and you can hear a lot of that at work and I even go crazy. I bought this and I love it. I would buy one for everyone in my office.”

Power supply: AA battery | PPP: 1,600 | Connection: USB Receiver | Range: 33 feet

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5. The best high-tech mouse

With a sculpted build designed to fit perfectly in your hand, two scroll wheels, and seven buttons that can be customized to your preference, Logitech’s MX Master is the choice for anyone who wants the ultimate customization. The mouse has a range of 33 feet and can be connected to your computer via the included USB receiver or via Bluetooth; In fact, with Bluetooth, you can connect up to three devices at once for seamless work and transfer. MagSpeed ​​scrolling means you can scroll through pages 90% faster than other mice, while the mouse’s silent click technology reduces noise by up to 90% compared to previous Logitech models.

This quiet mouse from Logitech has customizable sensitivity, with a maximum DPI of 8000 (lowest DPI not listed) and a base that glides smoothly on a variety of surfaces, including glass. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that will last up to 70 days on a full charge, with a USB-C charging port located on the front of the mouse.

One reviewer wrote: “Of course this is an exceptional mouse, it is an MX Master, I have had the other 2 versions and both have made a huge difference to my productivity and ergonomics. What I really like about this mouse is the placement of the buttons and being able to customize each of them to be application specific. It has really made me more productive in everything I use a computer for.”

Power supply: rechargeable battery | PPP: adjustable up to 8,000 | Connection: USB or Bluetooth receiver | Range: 33 feet

6. The best mouse with LED effects

This silent-click wireless mouse has an optional LED light ring that alternates between seven colors for added ambience while you work or play. The slim body of the mouse has two buttons and a track wheel with ultra-quiet operation, and it has a sleep setting that activates after eight minutes of inactivity. Three sensitivity settings range from 800 to 1,600 DPI for great versatility. It recharges through a front port, and the wireless USB receiver fits into a slot on the bottom of the mouse. While the range isn’t provided, reviewers noted that it’s somewhat limited, making this mouse a good choice only if you’re using it near your computer.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this mouse. It is silent, punctual and very elegant. I also love the LED light. gives it a bit of flair. And I love the style!”

Power supply: rechargeable battery | PPP: adjustable from 800 to 1600 | Connection: USB Receiver | Range: not specified

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