NordVPN: your favorite youtuber’s favorite VPN is getting a nice discount on its two-year subscription

News good deal NordVPN: your favorite youtuber’s favorite VPN is getting a nice discount on its two-year subscription

You must know it, it is the best known VPN on the Internet: NordVPN. Well you are not about to stop hearing about it, since a very nice offer is available at the moment.

What is a VPN?

Let’s start with the basics, what is a VPN? If you are here, we assume that many of you know their usefulness, nevertheless for the less initiated, this term VPN can be a little vague. So here’s the general purpose a Virtual Private Network (Virtual Private Network in French):

  • Connect to public Wi-Fi networks securely to surf in complete confidentiality without the risk of being hacked
  • Keep your browsing information private. Internet service providers and advertisers collect your private data to use them for commercial purposes. You can protect them by hiding your IP address
  • Access your favorite content from any country. Thus, if you go abroad, you can continue to connect to the streaming channels to which you subscribe and view the content offered in your country. Likewise, if certain sites are blocked, you will be able to override the censorship
  • Take advantage of the best price for your online purchases. As you go back and forth on a booking site, prices tend to increase. By using a VPN, your IP address will be changed on each visit, which will allow you to avoid seeing the price increase. Prices may also vary depending on the country you are in.
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NordVPN does all of this and on top of that offers drastic discounts on these different two-year subscriptions.

  • Essential : €83.76 instead of €174.96 for two years
  • Advanced : €98.16 instead of €225.12 for two years
  • Ultimate : €126.96 instead of €352.08 for two years

Take advantage of NordVPN discounts on two-year subscriptions

NordVPN: the most famous VPN on the web

If you want peace of mind when browsing the Internet, we can only advise you to invest in a good VPN. As you have probably already heard in one of your favorite youtuber’s videos, NordVPN is one of the most popular Virtual Private Networks of the moment. Thanks to its numerous subscription offers, it offers its users a wide choice of tools, each one more practical than the other.

  • Safe and super fast VPN
  • Virus Protection
  • Tracking and ad blocker
  • Cross-Platform Password Manager (Advanced)
  • Vulnerability Scanner (Advanced)
  • 1 TB encrypted cloud storage (Ultimate)

It is also one of the most efficient VPNs due to its connection speed of 6730 Mbit/s but also by its impressive number of VPN servers (5400). Compatibility, streaming, security, speed, and privacy NordVPN pretty much has it all. Importantly too, with one account you can protect 6 devices. Enough to satisfy all your little family.

Take advantage of NordVPN discounts on two-year subscriptions

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