Olivia Wilde blames misogyny for the constant rumors surrounding ‘Don’t Worry, Darling’

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

Frustrated by constant questions about the controversies surrounding her film, Do not worry honeyOlivia Wilde told Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night: “I don’t feel like my fellow male directors are answering questions about their casts.”

Of course, it refers to whether or not Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine, whether or not Shia LeBeouf got fired, whether or not Florence Pugh had issues with her, etc. It’s worth noting that these are all questions he answered during the same segment.

Wilde added of male directors: “They are praised for being tyrannical. They can be investigated over and over again and it still doesn’t get over the questions about their talent or about the film itself.”

Colbert chimed in, pointing out that in Hollywood history such male directors are/were protected. “Proverbially, male directors are absolute monsters. Even if all the rumors about his movie were true, it would be pretty fair compared to Alfred Hitchcock.”

Colbert suggested that she wouldn’t even have questions about such popular rumors if it were a male director. However, it’s worth noting that the directors Colbert was referring to existed for an obviously more misogynistic period of time and that social media didn’t exist either, which is important to note as, by Olivia Wilde’s own admission, it has been a “Twitter storm”. .

Also, there are plenty of male directors who would simply never fall into those categories and it’s also worth noting that there are plenty of successful female directors who haven’t had the problems Wilde faced. That’s not to say they haven’t faced significant challenges due to their gender, but it’s possible that such rumors about Wilde’s film may have sprung up for other reasons. Not even Ava DuVernay, a highly successful director who has to deal with both sexism and racism, has been involved in a film that has raised so many curious controversies.

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Does that mean it’s Olivia’s fault? No, but it doesn’t mean it’s all down to misogyny, either.

Nonetheless, rumors are likely to help the movie if they haven’t already. All 21 IMAX Live Experience locations showing advance screenings of the film sold out within 24 hours and more than 100 other locations have already pre-sold a collective total of more than 13,000 tickets.

This is especially noteworthy when you consider that the film itself has an extremely low Rotten Tomatoes score of just 31 percent and that’s based on 109 reviews.

Wilde praised her crew and cast while remaining extremely positive despite facing questions about the Colbert rumors, for whom Wilde was grateful as it gave her the opportunity to set the record straight.

Concluding her segment, she stated, “You just create very different standards for women and men.”

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