One of the best soundbars in the world loses hundreds of euros thanks to the French Days 2022

News good deal One of the best soundbars in the world loses hundreds of euros thanks to the French Days 2022

The French Days are one of the best times to invest in a home cinema / soundbar, thanks to ever-better discounts or the appearance of cashback offers. This is the case here with a nice in-house promotion from Samsung on the very powerful HW-Q990B.

Attention, promo in shambles for these French Days on a product that will appeal to home cinema lovers. The famous Samsung HW-990B soundbar has not one, but two discounts to date on the fnac website!

Basic at €1599 in standard price, the French Days period lowers the price for the first time by €100. But it is not finished ! Because if you benefit from the 200€ refund offer from Samsung on this linkthe bill melts again up to 1299€!

For greater clarity, here is the summary of these discounts via the various promotions:

  • Standard price indicated on Fnac: €1599
  • Price after French Days discount: €1499
  • Price after ODR (The Samsung money back offer): €1299

Buy the HW-990B at 1299€ at Fnac

An impeccable Samsung soundbar with multiple technologies

Composed of 22 speakers, a subwoofer and a wireless rear speaker kit, the Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar also includes the Dolby Atmos formatavailable for the first time wirelessly in the range.

SpaceFit Sound+ technology means that the sound bar automatically adapts its sound settings according to the characteristics of the room (wide space, particular installation, etc.) for optimal sound reproduction.

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The 8” subwoofer is therefore wireless, add a wireless rear speaker kit and 22 vertical, side and corner speakers. With this, the sound envelops the room 360° and is boosted by Acoustic Lens technology. This ensures a better distribution of sound for more precise bass.

Chromecast and AirPlay are on hand to send your favorite music or sounds to the soundbar with ease thanks to the Tap Sound function. A single action on your smartphone will allow you to pair them.

Regarding the design, the Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar has metal finishes and a raw blackits subwoofer and its rear speakers have rounded curves so that the set knows how to be discreet while offering high-end home cinema performance.

Buy the HW-990B at 1299€ at Fnac

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