One Of The Biggest ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Questions Was Resolved By MCU Fans

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Warning: This article has massive spoilers for Thor: love and thunder.

Thor: love and thunder left fans with several questions. One was: “Why did Jane Foster enter Valhalla when she died if she didn’t die in battle?” And while fans had multiple theories and justifications, someone on Reddit managed to come up with the most plausible answer.

On the r/MarvelStudios subreddit, Reddit user u/Stonecutter_12-83 asked the same questions most fans did after seeing the recent Marvel movie. One of them is why Jane entered Valhalla after Thor said “you have to die in battle”.

A Reddit user managed to find a possible explanation that made sense and that fans agreed with. According to Reddit user u/UnfavorableSpiderFan, they suggested that the reason Jane was able to enter Valhalla is that she died during her battle with cancer. According to them, a fight against cancer could count as a physical battle, so she was able to enter the heaven of the gods.

A Reddit user backed up the explanation using his own life experience. They agreed that fighting cancer is like “a war against your own body,” and that Jane’s death and “reward” made sense.

OP responded to this Reddit user’s response, thanking them because their explanation made a lot of sense. According to them, his answer is perfect and they did not consider that possibility. After all, he no longer wielded Mjölnir and returned to being mortal before disappearing.

On the basis of this explanation, others managed to compare this reasoning with other events in the past. Thor Movie(s. One of them was Odin who also entered Valhalla when he died together with his sons in Norway, not in a battle.

While the movie left fans scratching their heads, there were enough details in the story that there could be potential answers as to why Jane entered Valhalla. And while there are plenty of fans who agreed, some might continue to search for other reasons. Regardless, Jane was deemed worthy of entering Valhalla, whether it was her battle with Gorr or her battle with cancer.

Thor: love and thunder it is now shown in theaters.

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