One of the most useless figures in the MCU ironically finds praise for being a badass.

via Marvel Television

It became abundantly clear this year that Kevin Feige’s distaste for the Inhumans knows no bounds, with the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe bringing black bolt back for Doctor strange in the multiverse of madnessonly to kill him in a morbidly hilarious way by having his head explode from the inside out.

Adding insult to injury, Kamala Khan’s origin story was retconned to make her the franchise’s first official mutant, complete with a sweet 1990s guitar riff. X Men animated series to further drive home the point. Perhaps it still hurts Feige that the short-lived TV show revolving around intergalactic interlopers has been canceled after eight episodes after garnering the worst reviews of the Marvel Studios era.

Maybe it’s due to inhumans being the only MCU feature film to be announced and given a release date that was never made. Or, again, it could be as simple as him hating the characters as much as the internet wants you to believe. Wherever the truth lies, you have to admit that it’s ironic that Anson Mount’s Blackagar Boltagon has been praised by fans for his incredible abilities and general sense of badass, given the way he’s been treated thus far.

From time to time, we hear whispers of a possible inhumans reboot, but seeing how Feige has treated them thus far, we wouldn’t be inclined to believe such a thing. However, perhaps Mount can make another return as a multiversal variant, because it’s clear that he has at least a handful of followers.

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