One of the worst games of 2020 is coming back strong, time for redemption?

Game News One of the worst games of 2020 is coming back strong, time for redemption?

XIII Remake is probably one of the coldest showers of the current generation. While we were rather happy to find this work originally signed by Ubisoft under a new technique, the disappointment was… great. But Microids intends to rectify the situation.

The assumed bowl

Originally released in 2003, XIII was a rather popular adaptation of the famous comic strip by William Vance and Jean Van Hamme: we saw then a shooter full of good artistic ideas, in particular with cel-shadding graphics and frankly original animations for the time. Suffice to say that we were curious to see the remake, announced under the direction of Microids a few years ago now.

However, the game obviously came out too soon, and in 2020 when it arrived, it was a terrible disappointment. So much so that it is one of the worst-rated titles of the year, accumulating disastrous reviews because of bugs of all kinds, an AI to pick up, a feeling to review … and we don’t pass. In short, a real cold shower.

However, we didn’t expect the developers to make a comeback with the impressive will to fix their fallen baby. Here is the program.


It is simply on social networks that the French publisher announced the resurrection of XIII. We are not talking about a simple corrective update, but an update mainly reshaping the game with essential facets completely retyped.

  • A new artistic direction
  • Enhanced artificial intelligence
  • A reworked interface
  • Better sound design
  • 60 FPS framerate on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series thanks to backwards compatibility
  • Online multiplayer from two to thirteen players

A considerable effort on the part of the designers who should – we greatly hope – restore the image of the FPS whose potential was not lacking however.

Finally, we will also end with another important announcement, that ofa Nintendo Switch version which finally has a release date: it will be for September 13, 2022. On the technical side, players will be able to support themselves here with a framerate of thirty frames per second. VSThe same day will also welcome the famous update in question today, obviously free. Come on, we cross our fingers that this time will be the right one.

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