Optimistic fans try to find the silver linings in a panned fantasy that lost $175 million

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As one of the biggest box office bombs in movie history, which is such an utter disaster and colossal flop that no one even talks about the voluminous amount of money it flushed down the toilet, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything positive. in deadly engines.

On paper, a steampunk-infused adult fantasy adaptation with franchise potential that had Peter Jackson’s name slapped all over the marketing definitely possessed the potential to find an audience, but it didn’t help that the feature director for Christian Rivers’ first time was woefully out of his depth on almost every level, and that’s even with a script written by The Lord of the rings dream team of Jackson, Fran Walsh and Phillipa Boyens.

It’s only been four years since deadly engines It sank into a blaze of ignominy, but it feels like a lifetime has passed. And yet, optimistic movie fans on Reddit have been trying to salvage as many positives as they can, even if consensus isn’t anywhere near.

deadly engines

At an estimated cost of $150 million, plus additional marketing and distribution costs, a return of $83 million at the box office saw deadly engines secure his place in the halls of cinematic infamy, with handfuls of salt rubbed into his gaping wounds from a critical beating and a largely apathetic audience reception.

It was a solid concept that combined a post-apocalyptic adventure with marauding mechanized cities, but it wouldn’t be too harsh to suggest that the execution could hardly have been much worse, but at least Redditors are doing their best to shed light on it. little good to come from deadly engines.

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