Outriders Worldslayer game review

The Outriders from Square Enix and People Can Fly are back in service a little over a year after their arrival on the planet Enoch for a DLC that somewhat alters the game system and offers a whole new adventure. Is the Worldslayer expansion able to convince players to revive this Looter-Shooter?

An epic expedition

Worldslayer directly follows the events that conclude the main campaign and the multiple expeditions launched by players. The anomaly supposed to end as a result of the actions of the Outriders continues to escalate and directly threatens the last survivors. The planet Enoch is also witnessing the advent of a new threat to human colonies. The Commander, the new leader of the Insurgent faction, is determined to take control of the place and to impose by force a very personal vision of the future of humanity.

This new expedition, imagined by the screenwriters of People Can Fly and whose final duration is around 4 to 8 hours, takes up the great archetypes of the action story inhaling testosterone and gunpowder. Rarely surprising, the main campaign can be appreciated for what it is… a narrative release. The staging, still just as basic, remains similar to that of the original game, and is content to punctuate the game phases, essentially gunfights, with well-made cutscenes.

For the rest, the Outriders are on familiar ground. The mission objectives follow one another smoothly in the heart of environments which for once extricate themselves from the gray-brown tones so much criticized by the players. Canyons with warm tones, bluish deserts covered with ice, etc. the artists take advantage of their color palettes for a very convincing result that accentuates the feeling of disorientation. The planet Enoch is finally discovered and stands out for certain architectural and environmental eccentricities that make it a singular and memorable star.

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The way to loot

Outriders Worldslayer is also trying to alter its video game formula, and more particularly its RPG mechanics. The confrontations are always just as nervous and mobile, and it is indeed the rise of the Outriders that is being given new options.”’ Players can now choose from two unique specializations for each class (Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, Trickster). This secondary tree of passive and active skills called PAX allows you to always refine the style of play adopted a little more.

People Can Fly studios are pushing the customization of survivors even further by integrating a new system called Ascension which grants points to be distributed in various attributes. It is thus possible to reinforce its endurance, to increase its points of life or to boost its powers related to the anomaly, etc. with the goal of becoming the most powerful Outrider treading the surface of the planet Enoch. These gameplay additions reward feats of arms and guarantee a colossal lifespan estimated at +100 hours by the developers. They even took the time to modify the difficulty system and renamed it “Apocalypse Tier” for the occasion… Mass is over!

Adjustable on the fly according to the forces present, it allows the Outriders to balance the clashes and to take on ever tougher challenges. If successful, this results in an ever more epic loot… legendary weapons and equipment that delight players. These opportunities offered by People Can Fly will not be too much to overcome a renewed bestiary and an audience of recalcitrant bosses at will. Despite this endless and very pleasant quest for the ultimate loot, Outriders can’t get rid of this feeling of repetitiveness which points the end of its weapon after several hours of slaying incessant waves of enemies.

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Outriders Wolrdslayer: An epic DLC for Square Enix's action game


Strong points

  • A highly epic epic
  • New RPG mechanics (PAX, Ascension, etc.)
  • The abundance of loot
  • The lifespan (+100 hours of play)
  • The Difficulty System (Apocalypse Tier)

Weak points

  • Still a sketchy staging
  • The same feeling of repetitiveness after several hours

Outriders Wordslayer is definitely the extension expected by fans of Square Enix’s Looter-Shooter. Without ever revolutionizing either the game or the genre, this DLC is extremely generous in content and offers enough new features to encourage players to return to the planet Enoch. People Can Fly refines its title in its own way and spices up a desired nervous and gratifying adventure.

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