Overwatch 2: a stingy sequel with new heroes? The game director explains

Game News Overwatch 2: a stingy sequel with new heroes? The game director explains

Since its presence at the joint conference between Xbox and Bethesda, the next title from Blizzard, which will be free-to-play, remember, we have revealed more about it. First, because the teams had held an event last Thursday to offer new details and, second, because studio executives are stepping up to defend their next baby. In particular, Aaron Keller, the director of the game, who wanted to respond to criticism targeting the content of the game.


  • Overwatch 2, a sequel with too (little) content
  • Choice time for Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2, a sequel with too (little) content

Last week, in the space of two days, Overwatch 2 made a resounding comeback in the news by speaking on a lot of details of which we were not yet aware. Thanks to its passage during the Xbox conference, we now know that the Blizzard title is expected for October 4 and that it will be approached through a new beta on June 28, in a few days. ! That’s all ? No, Blizzard also took the opportunity to reveal one of the new heroes of this sequel, namely the Queen of the Junkers.

Overwatch 2: a stingy sequel with new heroes?  The game director explains

However, the Xbox conference was not the only appointment. On June 16, Blizzard gave the floor to the game developers to detail some very specific points, such as the content of the first three seasons.. Except that the roadmap did not please everyone, and some expressed their dissatisfaction with a roster of characters that will not really be renewed for the occasion. Faced with the discontent, Aaron Keller saw fit to give them some explanations!

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Choice time for Overwatch 2

It was during a question-and-answer session organized on Reddit through an AMA (Ask Me Anything) that the director of the game, Aaron Keller, spoke about one of the black points ofOverwatch 2 when it launched: its lack of new heroes. Before getting to the heart of the matter, the project manager took the time to show understanding towards the players and to share the studio’s desire to do well.

Overwatch heroes are incredibly exciting. We put our heart and soul into crafting new ones. Witnessing the community’s desire for more makes the team happy, and I think the questions about why there aren’t more coming out make sense.

According to him, the lack of a wide selection of new heroes has its origins in the difficulties that Overwatch 2 had to face during its development.. At some point, the teams realized that PvP and PvE could not be released on the same date, which therefore impacted the work dedicated to the creation of new content and new features. In doing so, the decision was made to finish the game first, to then tackle the expansion of the character roster. As Blizzard demonstrated with its roadmap: all this will happen over the seasons, it just takes a little patience.

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