Overwatch 2 – Baptiste Heroes Guide

Baptiste is back in Overwatch 2, and some welcome changes make him a much more interesting support character in this new version of Blizzard’s FPS game. Baptiste is the healer version of Soldier 76, capable of doing a little of everything, including staying alive, but what makes him more useful is his biotic rifle. Aside from his potential to deal damage, he also throws healing grenades over long distances.

Baptist Overview

Baptiste is a hybrid attacker and support healer who wields a biotic rifle that also throws healing grenades. Blizzard significantly improved his damage output compared to the original Overwatch, to the point where it’s feasible to play Baptiste as a DPS character while waiting for his healing abilities to recharge. The launcher suffers from heavy recoil, but benefits from fast reload times.

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Her basic healing ability creates a small regenerative field that heals a decent amount of health initially and then smaller amounts over the next several seconds. An ally only needs to touch the field once to get the lasting effect, and since it also briefly increases Baptiste’s speed, you can quickly touch your entire team to help heal everyone. Equally valuable is his Immortality Field ability, which generates a field that prevents anyone inside from dying. Enemies can target and destroy the field, but it can help your allies get through a tough encounter or at least provide a diversion while they escape.

Baptist Skills

  • biotic launcher: Fires a three-round burst of biotic energy
  • Biotic Launcher (alt): Throw a healing grenade
  • regenerative explosion: Activates a healing field that heals Baptiste and nearby allies.
  • field of immortality– Creates a field that prevents the HP of everyone inside, including Baptiste, from falling below 10 percent. can be destroyed
  • amplification matrix: Displays a screen that increases the power of all non-melee projectiles, including healing rounds.

Who wants to live forever?

As tempting as it is to cast the field of immortality as soon as you see allies engaged in a firefight, you should wait until they really need it. For one thing, the field has a long cooldown of 25 seconds, so using it at the wrong spot probably means you won’t have the ability available when your allies really need it. Skilled Overwatch players will immediately target the field once it spawns anyway, so the best use is to save your team at the last minute, giving them a few extra seconds to hang on and counter.

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Another strategic use is to deploy it when you see an enemy preparing to unleash their ultimate ability, especially if your allies are grouped together.

Healing delivery service

Baptiste is one of the most versatile support characters thanks to his biotic launcher. The weapon’s alt-fire option launches healing grenades that cover a substantial area and heal twice, once on impact and once after exploding. Like a normal biotic weapon shot, grenades have no cooldown timer and even have a small area of ​​effect. If Baptiste can’t hit an ally with his Regenerative Blast, he can still keep them alive with grenades.

Baptiste’s regenerative burst allows him to speed up and quickly reach injured allies.

Note that these won’t heal Baptiste himself, only Regenerative Burst does that, so even with his DPS potential, you should still adopt a cautious playstyle for Baptiste, especially if the other healer on your team doesn’t have as much healing. potential.

Fly high and touch the sky

Another useful new feature for Baptiste in Overwatch 2 is his spring jump. If you crouch for just over half a second and then jump, Baptiste launches himself into the air. His jump crouch is a great escape method if you find yourself cornered or in a pinch, but it has other uses as well. Tracking down Baptiste after his high jump is somewhat difficult, so you could simply land behind an enemy to finish them off before they even realize where they disappeared to.

Baptiste’s jump also helps extend the range of his Biotic Grenade. Let’s say you respawn after death, but your team is critical on the other side of the map. Get up, throw some biotic grenades and voila. You saved the day.

  • Sombra can instantly hack and dismantle the Field of Immortality. If you notice it’s nearby, try removing it before deploying the field.
  • Practice aiming the biotic rifle’s inflicting bullets in training mode so you can get used to its recoil before heading out into the field.
  • Switch on Regenerative Burst when you see enemies closing in to help give your allies an extra advantage once the fight begins.
  • Coordinating Baptiste’s ultimate with the main DPS heroes on your team can help deal heavy damage and potentially finish off the opposing team.
  • You can use both functions of Baptiste’s rifle simultaneously
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If you’re interested in experimenting with other Overwatch 2 roles, check out our Tank Hero Tier and Support Hero Tier to see how they all stack up.

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