Overwatch 2 crossplay lets you merge console and PC accounts

Blizzard already announced Overwatch 2 crossplay at an earlier date, and now, as we get closer to the Overwatch 2 release date, Blizzard announced that you can merge your Overwatch 2 accounts if you play on multiple platforms. The merger will allow you to transfer your progress and cosmetics from the original Overwatch to any platform and pick up where you left off in Overwatch 2. The merged accounts will live on your Battle.net account, which Blizzard says is necessary for anyone playing Overwatch 2, regardless of platform.

Blizzard also said that you only get one chance to merge your accounts, so if you have multiple, be sure to double check which account you merge before proceeding with the process.

Starting August 16, you’ll automatically be prompted to merge accounts when you log in to Overwatch. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are included along with PC, though you can only merge one account per platform. In other words, if you have three Overwatch accounts on Xbox, you can only take one.

You can technically unlink your Overwatch account from Battle.net, but Blizzard has a one-year “cooling off” period before you can add a new one. So again, think carefully before you decide to do this. However, if you only play on PC, it doesn’t really matter, as your progress carries over automatically.

Game stats and skill ratings are handled a bit differently for players merging PC and console accounts. For skill ratings, Overwatch 2 takes the highest rank of all your accounts and goes with that. Overwatch 2 will combine the overall stat totals and take the best values ​​for each category, such as kill streaks.

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Check out the full list of FAQs on the official Overwatch site.

If you’re getting ready for Overwatch 2, head over to our Overwatch 2 system requirements page to make sure you can run the hero shooter, and check out our Overwatch 2 tier list to see which heroes are worth your time.

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