Overwatch 2 is removing levels

Overwatch 2 developers detail how progression works in the upcoming shooter, revealing that the game will remove the level system.

After an unstable development cycle and numerous delays, surveillance 2 it is now on track to launch in early access later this year. Recently, the developers at Activision Blizzard hosted an AMA on Reddit to answer any questions fans may have ahead of its incoming beta. One of the most notable conclusions is that surveillance 2 will remove player tiers in favor of Battle Pass progression.

As Blizzard gears up surveillance 2 For its release on October 4, the studio has decided to offer a handful of beta tests in the months leading up to release. Fans got their first look at the game on April 26 during surveillance 2The first beta version of, which was still just a brief look at the full game. Before the game’s next beta testing session begins on June 28, Activision Blizzard developers participated in an AMA on Reddit, answering persistent questions about surveillance 2Monetization plans for and how the game will take the place of its predecessor. Notably, surveillance 2 it’s removing loot boxes for a Battle Pass system and replacing the first game entirely.


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Knowledge surveillance 2 will overwrite the original Supervision At launch, fans had questions about the in-game progression system and how Blizzard will handle player levels and skins. Reddit user timberflynn asks, “Would you mind giving more details about cross-platform progression? Will we all go back to level 1 when OW2 comes out?… If I have a bunch of skins on PS4 and they carry over to OW2, will I be able to get my skins on Xbox? Blizz_Jodie, member of the Supervision The community development team responded by stating that Blizzard will remove the levels from the game entirely, and players can bring any Supervision skins on surveillance 2 and on all platforms. Blizz_winter further clarifies and states that players will only be able to level up their Battle Pass, and their profiles will not show an actual level.

Fan reception to this news has been mixed. In particular, fans feel that the removal of levels in surveillance 2 It takes away the sense of progression and achievement that players enjoy every time they log in to play. Due to the studio’s decision to do surveillance 2 free-to-play, Blizzard seems to be trading player levels for Battle Pass ranks and following the trend of recent free-to-play shooters that have seen a lot of success with that business model. Some fans respect that change, but would appreciate it if Blizzard would display a fan’s legacy ratings on their surveillance 2 profile.

While the Supervision The team’s recent AMA sheds light on how surveillance 2 will surpass its predecessor and offer a new experience for players, some questions still remain. Blizzard removing levels of surveillance 2 has left fans wondering how competitive mode will work now, seeing how it was previously leveled up to rank 25. surveillance 2The early access release of is just around the corner, and the next beta starts soon, so it won’t be long until fans get their questions answered.

surveillance 2 It will launch on October 4 in Early Access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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