‘Password’ Reboot Kicks Off With Special Betty White Tribute

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Jimmy Fallon and Keke Palmer are bringing one of the greatest game shows in television history to life, and they’re doing it with a special nod to the show’s rich history.

the reset of Key code aired its first episode tonight, and the legendary contestant betty white he was honored from the first seconds to the conversation across the board. White and her husband Allen Ludden, the host of Key code between 1961 and 1980, he shared hilarious moments on the series when White helped contestants win the big prizes.

During the title sequence, White was shown on an old television set, in flashes of his time on the show. Moments later, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm shared stories about her impact on television and how she gave Hamm a special look after the two performed a skit with her.

Jimmy looked up at the sky with folded hands before proclaiming that the reboot was all for her, saying, “This one is for you, Betty.” Hamm then explained what happened during their time together.

“After our play, I quickly changed and Betty White saw me in my underpants and didn’t look away, folks.”

In a chat with THIS DAYFallon shared more about why the revival of Key code it took so long and once again brought up White’s influence on the new edition of the beloved game show.

“We had Betty White on our show to play (Password). She is the permanent guest, always in Password. She met her husband, Allen Ludden, on that show. So we had Betty on the show and we asked her, ‘Would you like to play Password, do you remember that game?’ She says, ‘Are you kidding me? Of course!’ We played, and Betty crushed it; I mean, she really crushed it, it was amazing. So we play, and we keep playing on the show, and then we think, why is this not on TV?

White’s impact on television is hard to put into words, and fans will never forget his legendary presence on Key code. As everyone who loved or admired her said, she had an incredible 99 years on this Earth, and she still doesn’t feel like enough. Here is Betty White and the impact of Key code.

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