Path of Exile: Sentinel Expansion Adds Drones That Buff Monsters

Path of Exile’s latest expansion, Sentinel, is now available for PC and macOS. The expansion kicks off a new Challenge League in the free-to-play PC game, with the central mechanic being customizable sentinel orbs that follow you by shooting magical bolts at your enemies. But the sentinels are not here to make your life easier, quite the contrary. His beams power up monsters and create tougher fights for you to take on.

In the Sentinels Challenge League, you’ll find three classes of sentinels spread across Wraeclast. Stalker Sentinels will repeatedly fire monster-boosting beams once you enter combat. Pandemonium Sentinels fire a large blast, buffing monsters in a large area. Then there are the apex sentinels, which will only charge against rare or unique enemies.

Sentinels only work for a limited time and eventually run out, but you don’t want to throw away empty ones. Depleted Sentinels can be combined with a Power Core to create a new, fully charged Sentinel that takes on the traits of each Sentinel Husk used in its construction. You can further modify the behavior of your Sentinels with the Sentinel controller, which Grinding Gear Games says is “like a runic circuit board”.

Here is the trailer:

The compensation for fighting tougher monsters? Well, with the right mods equipped on your wards, the monsters they empower will drop tastier and rarer rewards. There are also unique wards to discover that have their own effects to experiment and play with.

The Sentinel expansion also adds 20 new key passives to the Atlas tree, meaning you’ll have even more control over Path of Exile’s ending. That includes access to six new ‘super’ versions of pinnacle boss fights, and Grinding Gear Games say this is the hardest content ever added to the game.

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Path of Exile: Sentinel is free and available now.

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