PC gaming sales: this monster loses €500! And there’s an RTX 3080Ti in there!

News good plan PC gaming sales: this monster loses €500! And there’s an RTX 3080Ti in there!

Are you looking for a pure gaming machine, which offers big performance, and you are not ready to assemble your own PC with your hands? No problem. If many assemblers offer turnkey models, rare are those who have the advantage of combining a sacred configuration, an attractive price, and quality components. Often assembled PCs use components that are not necessarily fancy, for obvious cost reasons. But today, we have unearthed a machine that meets all these criteria.

Called ELTHARION, this PC is a somewhat special machine. It’s not really a PC made by a well-known assembler, but a specific cooperation between the merchant Rue Du Commerce, and the famous brand MSI (Micro Star International for short).

The idea is that this machine has been assembled with only MSI components that are available for purchase individually, which ensures high quality components. This avoids having savings made by most assemblers who stick you, for example, very functional Pegatron motherboards, but quite ugly.

The best news is that this machine is currently on sale, with a substantial discount. Initially sold for €3499, this PC is currently offered at €2999, which is still a sum we grant you.

That said, given the onboard hardware, it’s probably the best deal of the 2022 summer sales!

Buy the Eltharion at 2999€ at Rue du Commerce

Summer sales 2022: the Eltharion, an overpowered configuration with an RTX 3080Ti

Packed into a rather questionable-looking MSI MPG Gungir 110M case is a pretty brutal setup, capable of running most of the latest games in 4K without breaking a sweat.

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We therefore find an MSI B660 Tomahawk motherboard on which is installed a latest generation Intel Core i5-12600K. This CPU is one of the best chips available for gaming with its 6 P-Cores and 4 E-cores for a total of 16 threads (only the P-Cores have hyperthreading) which run at frequencies that can go up to at 4.9Ghz (in boost mode on the P-Cores).

For good measure, this processor is cooled by an MSI Mag CoreLiquid 240R AIO watercooler which will have no problem keeping this i5 cool, even if you decide to overclock it!

The chip is supported by two Corsair Vengence memory DIMMs (MSI does not make RAM, but this is a reference model) DDR5 with a frequency of 4800Mhz, which is about the best currently available .

The centerpiece is of course this superb MSI Ventus 3X GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card which will simply allow you to play any title in 4K at more than 60 FPS, all options fully, or to take advantage of the Ray-Tracing to the maximum of its possibilities.

In short, a real monster in a version that sends wood, and which can be overclocked thanks to its large heat sink. To allow you to boost all these components, and get even more performance, this PC is equipped with an MSI MPG A850GF 850 ​​watt power supply which is certified 80+ gold! We are clearly not making fun of you!

PC gaming sales: this monster loses €500!  And there's an RTX 3080Ti in there!

Storage level, we will find an M.2 1TB MSI Spatium M480 SSD which should allow you to store a lot of games, but also to take advantage of a machine that boots in just a few seconds, especially since Windows 10 Pro is already installed. .

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And not to forget the look, know that an MSI Mag Max RGB controller is also in the game. The latter allows you to manage all the RGB functions of your PC via a simple remote control, without even having to download the manufacturer’s bloatware.

Finally, for good measure, this Eltharion comes with a complete set of MSI peripherals including a GM41 wireless mouse, an MSI GK30 keyboard (a membrane with mechanical sensation), but also an MSI Gh30 V2 headset. In short, you have understood it, if you have 2999€ available, the Eltharion PC is a bargain not to be missed!

Buy the Eltharion at 2999€ at Rue du Commerce

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