Persona 5 Royal: How to Get Satanael

In persona 5 royal the protagonist’s ability to get multiple characters makes them incredibly flexible in their skills and abilities. However, they do have a canon “Ultimate” persona, known as “Satanael”. While Satanael can be used very briefly during the main story, accessing him in normal gameplay requires several additional steps.

persona 5 royal is a JRPG developed by Atlus and published by Sega. After being falsely accused of assault and moving to Tokyo to attend Shujin Academy during his probation period, the protagonist discovers a hidden world shaped by human cognition. With the help of a growing group of like-minded allies, they set out to steal humanity’s warped desires and improve the world by tapping into this strange “Metaverse.”


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satan saves christmas

To unlock Satanael, players must first complete the game, achieving the true ending of the original. person 5 or one of two new endings added in Royal. To achieve the true original ending, players need only reject the God of Control’s offer to “Return the world to the way it was” and defeat them on Christmas Eve. This is enough to complete the original true ending and thus unlock Satanael for the new plus game.

Alternatively, players who meet the requirements to enter the new “Third Period” section of the game will have to accept or reject the new reality when presented with the option. Choosing to accept it ends the game there, while rejecting it allows players to face the final boss of Persona 5 Royal. Either option will unlock Satanael for the new plus game.

Fusing Satanael

In New Game Plus, assuming the above criteria are met, it is now possible for players to fuse Satanael into the Velvet Room. Satanael is created through advanced fusion using six other personas, some of whom can only be acquired by completing Confidants.

  • arsenium: The protagonist’s starting Persona, easy to obtain by re-summoning from the Compendium.
  • Anzu: First seen in Futaba Palace, this persona can also be easily re-summoned from the Compendium, assuming players have recruited them at least once in Futaba Palace.
  • Ishtar: The Ultimate Persona of the Lovers Arcana, unlocked by completing Ann Takamaki’s Confidant. Once this is done, this persona can be fused using Uriel and Kali.
  • Satan: Ultimate Persona of the Judgment Arcana, unlocked by completing Sae Nijima’s Confidant (which must be completed to reach any ending that would unlock Satanael anyway). Fused using Abbadon and any Treasure Demon, or using Raphael and Kali.
  • Miguel: A Justice Persona created by merging Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel.
  • Lucifer: The Ultimate Persona of the Star Arcana, unlocked by completing Hifumi Togo’s Confidant. Created through advanced fusion using Trumpeter, Michael, Satan, Metatron (Ultimate Justice), Ananta, and Anubis.

As a level 95 Persona, players must have Joker at level 95 to fuse Satanael, unless they have maxed out Confidant Strength (which allows them to bypass level requirements using money).

ultimate power

Satanael has no weaknesses, resisting all elements except Curse and Bless. Satanael absorbs Curse and completely blocks Bless, leaving him without any weak points. By default, he has the skills Maegion (severe damage to all enemies), Megidolaeon (severe damage to all enemies), Riot Gun (severe damage to all enemies), and Survival Trick (survive a fatal hit with 1 HP remaining). ). ). He also inherits many powerful abilities from the people who were used to fuse him and possesses the “Pagan Allure” trait that increases all magic damage by 50%.

All of this makes Satanael an incredibly powerful person early on, but he also gains some powerful and useful abilities as he levels up. Black Viper allows him to deal severe, almighty damage to a single target, Tyrant’s Mind strengthens all attacks by 25% (stacking with Pagan Allure for +75% magic damage), Heat Riser allows him to buff attack/defense/agility by a single target, and Victory Cry allows him to fully restore Joker’s HP and SP at the end of each battle.

persona 5 royal is available now for PS4 and available for Xbox and PC on October 21, 2022.

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