Phil Spencer warns: it will be difficult to get the Xbox Series X at Christmas, although this will not affect its entire next-gen range – Xbox Series X | S – 3dgames

We have been dragging the consequences of the component shortage, because in the video game sector this is reflected in great difficulties when it comes to getting next-generation consoles. Microsoft is one of the many companies affected by this problem that, according to the words of Phil Spencer, it would be maintained throughout this 2022. However, now we are once again bumping into reality due to the new notification from the head of Xbox.

Microsoft is working as hard as possible so that the shortage of Xbox Series X is not so noticeable.

Because, according to his statements in the interview granted to the Decoder program (via gamerant), it seems that Xbox will continue to suffer from the component crisis during the Christmas season. In this sense, Spencer warns that it will be difficult to get hold of an Xbox Series X over the next few weeks, although Redmond is working as hard as possible so that this shortage is not so noticeable to players.

Despite the fact that this panorama leaves us a little discouraged, Spencer does not hesitate to recommend buying Xbox Series S both for its availability on the market and for its power, although they are not the only points that the head of Xbox values ​​regarding the little sister of Xbox Series X: “The fact that we have an S console that is less expensive than our X console it is useful for families”, he comments on the program. “The fact that we have a subscription means that I don’t have to pay $70 for each of my games, and that I can build my library differently.”

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Xbox Game Pass does not step on the brakes in terms of the number of users

Throughout the last days, Xbox has dominated the covers of specialized news due to the results presented in its last tax report. Here we had the opportunity to learn about aspects related to the popular Xbox Game Pass, which has increased its number of subscribed players by 28% beside a PC Game Pass whose growth of 159% Compared to the previous year, it has surprised us greatly.

If you are one of the many members of the Microsoft platform, we take this opportunity to remind you of the list of 10 games coming to Xbox Game Pass at the end of November. After all, the catalog is renewed with a good handful of experiences such as penance, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide and more.

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