Philips sales: reference connected bulbs in a low-cost pack? It’s possible !

News good plan Philips sales: reference connected bulbs in a low-cost pack? It’s possible !

Are you looking to integrate connect bulbs into your interior? If there’s one brand to know, it’s Philips. The German brand is THE benchmark for connected bulbs and lighting. If you are looking for the best bulbs, this is your lucky day since this Philips Hue connected bulb pack is on sale for the 2022 summer sales.

Amazon Sale: 20% Off Philips Hue Smart Bulb 4-Pack

As we said earlier, Philips is a real benchmark in the connected bulb market. The products offered are of high quality both in the choice of components and in the tools offered to use them.

Generally, quality is synonymous with high price and this is the case at Philips, because we could definitely give the title of high-end to the bulbs and other connected products of the brand.

Fortunately, the 2022 summer sales are falling sharply, since on this occasion, you can find this pack of 4 Philips Hue White and Color connected bulbs at €160 on Amazon, instead of the usual €199.

Buy the Philips Hue white and color at 160 € at Amazon

As a bonus, you will also have a dimmer switch.

Transform your home with Philips smart bulbs

White light is all well and good, but sometimes you want to create a little atmosphere to play board games, watch your 4K TV in a subdued atmosphere or create a colorful atmosphere for a party.

In short, there are many opportunities to want to change the lighting atmosphere and if there are different ways to achieve this result, Philips Hue connected bulbs are at the top of the list.

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The pack of bulbs that we are offering you today will allow you to choose between 16 million colors to personalize your atmosphere.e.

Via the Philips Hue app for Android and iOS smartphones, you can choose different already existing light themes, create your ownWhere use your voice to control your bulbs via Google and Alexa assistants.

To make the most of it, we advise you to take in addition to the pack, the Hue bridge which will allow you to take your Philips Hue equipment to the next level, such as creating routines, synchronizing with your TV or even making everything work under Apple HomeKit.

As for the bulbs themselves, you can install them on devices compatible with base of E27 bulbs for a power of 6.5 watts.

Buy the Philips Hue white and color at 160 € at Amazon

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