Pikmin 4: Everything We Know So Far: Release Date, Gameplay, and Trailers

Pikmin 4: Everything We Know So Far
Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Pikmin 4 is real.

Okay, that’s not all we know. We’ve rounded up all the juicy information we have about the upcoming sequel to Nintendo’s beloved but somewhat niche strategy game, a title we first heard about a long, long time ago.

there isn’t a whole There’s still plenty of information out there, so be sure to check back as more trailers and screenshots are released from the Pikmin Newswire…

Pikmin 4 Details, Screenshots, Trailers & MORE

The story so far

Pikmin 4: Everything We Know So Far
A screenshot of Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the latest Pikmin game on Switch: Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life

A long, long time ago, in 2015, Shigeru Miyamoto gave an interview in which he said that the Pikmin 3 follow-up was “actually very close to completion” and that “the Pikmin teams are always working on the next one.” Eurogamer followed up this interview, asking Nintendo if this was true, to which they replied:

“We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development, but that’s all we can confirm at this time.”

2015 was the era of the Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch wasn’t due to launch until March 2017, but the Switch, codenamed NX at the time, was in development. Still, Pikmin 4 was not confirmed for any particular platform.

Now, it’s easy to assume that the Pikmin Miyamoto and Nintendo were talking about was Pikmin Bloom, released in 2021, or even Hey! Pikmin, released on 3DS in 2017. But apparently that wasn’t the case. Here’s a timeline of Pikmin 4 related events…

  • June 2017: Don’t worry, Pikmin 4 is still “progressing”
    • Miyamoto now says he was “told not to share anything about this PR thing”… “but I can tell you he’s making progress.” This also confirms that Hey! Pikmin is not the legendary Pikmin 4, as the 3DS spin-off had already been announced at this point. Alright then.

What is Pikmin?

Pikmin is a series of games where you play as some kind of stranded astronaut or explorer, who teams up with wild onion creatures known as “Pikmin” to navigate the desert. There are monsters to avoid or defeat, treasure, food, and ship parts to collect, and above all, Pikmin to protect.

Pikmin are frail and stupid little things, but do listen to orders, so it’s your job to corral them in such a way as to make sure they don’t drown, burn, fall over, get eaten, or succumb to any number of threats; you’ll know when you’ve done it. Bad job if you hear that tragic sigh from a Pikmin turning into a ghost. And you will hear it. Much.

If you continue to care for them and increase their numbers by bringing dead beasts and Pikmin food to their onion houses, you’ll hopefully be able to achieve the best endings – each game has several ways to conclude your story, depending on how much of the game you managed to beat at the limit. of given time.

That’s it: grow Pikmin, order Pikmin to find things, make more Pikmin, repeat.


The trailer above is from the September 2022 Nintendo Direct, which was rumored to be a “Zelda blast”, which also gave us the Breath of the Wild sequel’s release date, as well as a title: Tears of the Wild. Kingdom. .

Pikmin 4 was a bit of an outlier, it was announced in a weird segment hosted by Miyamoto, in which he updated us on the Super Mario movie, the Super Mario theme park, the continued existence of Pikmin Bloom, and gave us the smallest pinch a look at Pikmin 4 in a trailer that basically told us nothing.

After 7 years of very little, we will take it.

Pikmin 4 release date


we would venture to guess later in the year, given how little we know about it. Probably a couple of months after the release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in May.

how to play

Well… the trailer doesn’t give us much to go on. It appears to take place in a garden, complete with a giant garden bench, raised flower beds, and human objects such as a broken pocket watch.

PNF-404, the planet on which the Pikmin games take place, is supposed to be an Earth where humans are extinct. But this planet seems pretty well cared for, albeit bulborb-infested. Will it be the same planet, but in a place where the last vestige of humanity still exists?

We only see the original three colors of Pikmin, yellow, red, and blue in the trailer, plus Bulborbs, the Goombas from the Pikmin series, so it’s hard to find out much about new abilities and enemies.

There’s also a glimpse of our potential new player character:

Pikmin 4: Everything We Know So Far
Who is she? — Image: Nintendo

Miyamoto described the core idea behind Pikmin as “dandori” (“段取り” in Japanese), which means something like “strategic planning”. With this in mind, he said, the team has simplified the controls in Pikmin to allow the player to better plan their strategy, instead of feeling like they’re always herding cats.

Miyamoto also mentioned the ability to play the game “from the Pikmin’s perspective near the ground,” which seems to mean that you can have the camera closer to the ground, rather than over your head.

Please check back later; eventually we will know more. As long as it’s not another seven years.


Erm, more like screenShooting. Singular. Here it is:

Pikmin 4: Everything We Know So Far
Wow. — Image: Nintendo


We have more about Shigeru Miyamoto’s cool Pikmin T-shirt than we do about the game! You can buy it at the Nintendo Store in New York.

That’s all the information we could get out of the slightly damp sponge that was the reveal trailer… but hopefully, there will be more in the year until the game comes out.

Stay tuned for all the Pikmin news you could ever want, and let us know in the comments what features, new ideas, and stories you’d like to see in the finished game.

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