Play a cult MMO with ZeratoR and Joueur du Grenier!

Game News Play a cult MMO with ZeratoR and Joueur du Grenier!

ZeratoR, the Player of the Attic, Gius, Lapi… Several streamers find themselves on a retro MMO for a session of pexing up to the maximum level. And you can join them!

The old veterans. ZeratoR and JDG are often presented as some of the “old” of the world of streaming in France. This reputation is verified when we see the age of the game they’re playing right now

Years later, back to Dark Age of Camelot

They announced it in their donation goals of the last ZEvent. ZeratoR and Attic Player embark on a week of Dark Age of Camelot pexing, up to max level (50). DAoC is a Ultra-cult MMORPG, released in 2001, so before World of Warcraft. Even today, it is not only enjoyed with nostalgia by many players, but also always lauded for multiple title elements including PvP and RvR (Kingdom VS Kingdom, a very important aspect of the game). ZeratoR and the Attic Player are accompanied by various players and streamers, including Gius, Lapi, Lyk

Join them on the free Uthgard private server!

As they started their DAoC week yesterdaythey have already brought a good number of players back to the server, with a average fluctuating between 350 and 500 players so far. But in an MMO, the more the merrier! So don’t hesitate to join them. They play on Uthgard free private server (the official servers being paid with a subscription). To join him, connect to the Discord of the eventand follow the instructions. Note that among the three kingdoms, it is advisable to join Midgard or Albion, since Hibernia is already “too” full. The game is indeed much more interesting when the players are distributed fairly or almost between realms, and this is true for all players regardless of their realm.

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Dark Age of Camelot has been available on PC since 2001. To follow the event live, check out the Twitch channel of ZeratoRof Guisof lapiof Attic Player

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