PlayStation Plus: April 2022 games play cards on breaks

Game news PlayStation Plus: April 2022 games play cards on breaks

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Available from April 5 to May 1, the included games to download on PS4 and PS5 for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month combine medieval scoundrels, absorbing delusions and card games in rogue-lite mode. They are just waiting to be tried!

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Developed by Sumo Newcastle and released in May 2021, Hood: Outlaws & Legends take you on board multiplayer medieval action PvPvE and third person view. You play a outlaw in one of the groups that rebel against the yoke of an authoritarian kingdom. In Robin Hood mode, steal from the rich to give to the poor to win them over to your cause. Join one of two teams of 4 playersbuild your hideout, evolve it like your characters and foment your plan to organize the “break” of the century… ancient. One of your main targets: fortresses with guards armed to the teeth. Finally, those who remain.

Spongebob, Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated

Released in June 2020 under the leadership of THQ Nordic, the remake of the game that will appeal to fans of the underwater sponge slips you into his “skin”, as well as into that of patrick and Sandy, to thwart the plans of the terrible Plankton and Mr. Krabs. Among your missions under the ocean, save Bikini Bottom from a robot invasion or even bungee jumping, but in underpants. Playable solo or in co-op locally or online, this 3D platform game‘ enjoys a complete technical overhaul from the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 4 generation, and even comes with the deleted content of the version of the time, such as the fight against Robo Carlo Tentacles.

Slay the Spire

Finally, we mix playing cards and rogue lite via Humble Games, which publishes in 2019 this ambitious game of solo deck building developed by Mega Crit. After creating your deck, climb the floors of a tower filled with opposing creatures that will drop even more arcana for you to add to your base game, in order to get to the top. Needless to say, many attempts will be needed to achieve your goal, and each of them will see the tower configuration to modify for your next try. Fortunately, relic powers and card combinations to discover are there to help you. The rules of the game are defined. Can you master them?

With PlayStation Plus, in addition to the games included each month, get access to online multiplayer, exclusive PS Store discounts, and 100GB cloud storage. On PS5, also take advantage of the PlayStation Plus Collection, a permanent selection of dozens of great PS4 games with free access.

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