PlayStation Plus: Even more games than expected… Sony is going all out!

Game News PlayStation Plus: Even more games than expected… Sony is going all out!

The PlayStation Plus is at the heart of video game news today. It must be said that this Thursday, June 23 marks the final deployment of Sony’s new service in Europe, ten days after the launch on the American continent.

A wide choice of games

After establishing itself on the American continent,the new PlayStation Plus completes its gradual rollout with a final stop in Europe, including France, not forgetting Australia and New Zealand. For the past few hours, new happy owners of a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5 can therefore, in turn, get their hands on Sony’s new service, formerly called “Spartacus project”.

If this does not change much for players with a PS+ Essential offer, since it corresponds neither more nor less to the PlayStation Plus that we have known so far, others can start by discovering the official list of all the games available. Indeed, for a few extra euros and like the old PS Now, players opting for the upper tier formulas (Extra and Premium) will have access to the PS4 and PS5 games catalog and/or the games catalog respectively. classics (from the old PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP generations). Already having a wide choice of games, Sony seems to have revised its ambitions upwards since the number of games in the various catalogs exceeds what was expectedat least as far as the American continent is concerned, which has been enjoying the new PlayStation Plus since last June 13.

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Even more games!

With more than 700 games announced, Sony is betting on developing a large catalog of games through as diverse content as possible. According to the American site Eurogamer, the entire catalog of games actually counts more than 800 games, thus greatly exceeding what was announced by Sony. On the side of the catalog of PS4 and PS5 games, there are 429 games against a total of 400 initially promised, while the catalog of classic games displays 404 titles available in cloud-gaming instead of 340. Note, however, that this last number is considerably reduced in certain regions where cloud-gaming on PS3 is not possible, knowing that the catalog of PS3 games amounts to a major part of the catalog with 365 games. . In France, we counted for you and the catalog includes a total of 740 games at launch, knowing that Sony intends to enrich it over time.

In any case, if the nostalgia is too strong, there will be enough to be tempted with great classics such as Ape Escape, Siphon Filter or Tekken 2 to name but a few examples.

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