PlayStation Plus: Sony announces a new option for PlayStation One games

Game News PlayStation Plus: Sony announces a new option for PlayStation One games

The new PlayStation Plus formulas have just been launched in Europe, and therefore here. Unfortunately, one feature is still missing to enjoy the entire catalog in an optimal way…

The new PlayStation Plus formulas are launched in Europe. Among the catalog, there are in particular many classic games from old PlayStation consoles. Sony just announced a feature for these.

PAL, NTSC … Cleavage from another era

If you tried to launch a PlayStation One game on your current console with PlayStation Plusyou may have had a bad surprise: it is in PAL. Indeed, on the thirteen PS1 games currently available in the catalog, seven of them are in PAL.

For the youngest among you who wouldn’t see what we’re talking about, a little throwback to the past: there was a time when European and North American/Japanese TVs were different. At the time of analog, European countries (but also Russia, Australia, Brazil, several Asian countries …), were in PAL format. The United States and Japan, other major consumers and producers of video games outside Europe, used the NTSC format. In fact, the resolutions and colors were differentbut above all, the frame rate was! Indeed, the PAL versions of retro games are slower than the NTSC versions because the PAL frame rate was 50 Hz while in NTSC it was 60 Hz.

If from HD, players no longer have this problem whether they play a game in PAL or NTSC, the question arises always for retro games. And precisely, the catalog of the new PlayStation Plus brings together many retro games, including games released on Sony’s first console. However, the PS1 games currently on the European PS + are in PAL, so at 50 frames per second. Sony has just announced that this will change.

We plan to roll out NTSC options for the majority of classic games offered on PlayStation Plus Premium and Deluxe plans in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. More information on PlayStation Plus:

We should soon be able to play PS1 games in NTSC at home!

We can therefore happy to have other options, offering games at 60 Hz, in the near future. Note, moreover, that this option also applies to Asiawho had had the unpleasant surprise of discovering PS1 games in PAL on the new PS+, even in some countries historically in NTSC. the North American PS+ proposed to him directly NTSC versionsso we are hopeful that this new option for our PS + will arrive very soon.

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According to VGCcurrently the games Ape Escape, Everybody’s Golf, Jumping Flash, Kurushi, Siphon Filter, Wild Arms and Worms World Party are in PAL versions. Moreover, these games start either with a screen displaying Sony Computer Entertainment Europe or a screen offering several languages. These screens did not appear on NTSC releases at the time. Other games like Jumping Flash offer a patch featuring “enhanced PAL output”. According to VGC, it seems to be an attempt to optimize the output towards a framerate approaching 60 Hz. Only, this technology creates degradations of the visual rendering. The third party games such as Tekken 2, Mr. Driller or Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey are already in NTSC versions at 60Hz.

Source : VGC

The new PlayStation Plus are already available from us. We recently published a news on this subject, so that you can see more clearly!

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