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On the menu of the Daily this August 17, we start with the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy which should be revealed more at Gamescom. We then talk about a possible Playstation launcher on PC, before ending with news of the film adapted from Ghost of Tsushima. The Daily, let’s go!

A launcher for PlayStation games on PC?

If Playstation is distinguished from its competitor Xbox, it is in particular thanks to its exclusivities. These games are only available on consoles, but that may change soon. Sony is well aware that there is an audience to conquer on the side of PC and mobile gamers, the latter representing a very flourishing market. Some games have already had their port on PC, such as God of War, Spider-Man or Horizon Zero Dawn. But this is apparently not enough for Sony who would consider releasing a Playstation launcher on PC, in order to retain new players. References to a Playstation Network launcher have been found in Spider-Man’s PC game files, suggesting that these are indeed Sony’s plans.

More information on Hogwarts Legacy at Gamescom?

The release date of Hogwarts Legacy has finally been announced! Fans of the wizarding world will be able to return to school on February 10, 2023 on Playstation, Xbox and PC, and a little later on Nintendo Switch as well. Avalanche Studio is planning to show off its highly anticipated game some more at Gamescom’s August 23 launch party. Other never-before-seen games are expected to shine that night. As for Hogwarts Legacy, chances are it will turn out to be the game all Harry Potter fans have been waiting for. Integrate a house, follow its magic lessons to develop its skills and explore the wizarding world in its smallest details, all incorporated in an adventure full of mysteries, such is the promise of the game. wait until next week to find out even more about this open-world RPG.

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Ghost of Tsushima movie wants a Japanese cast

Ghost of Tsushima is a new Playstation license launched in 2020. The game found its audience and ranked among the successes of the console. Sony seeking to expand its horizons, the company has set up a whole program of films and series adapted from its famous licenses for the years to come. The Uncharted film was successfully released earlier this year, and a The Last of Us series is in production at HBO, with many more series in the pipeline. Ghost of Tsushima is no exception and has found its director in the person of Chad Stahelski, known for directing the John Wick saga. He recently spoke about his vision for the film, and said he wanted an exclusively Japanese cast and to shoot in their language, in order to give his adaptation more authenticity. He added that Sony supports his choices, although it is a risky bet, which he is aware of. We will have to wait a little longer to discover the cast of Ghost of Tsushima.

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