Pokémon: 7 great movesets for Charizard

Charizard is a fan favorite and a pretty strong starter. Pokemon even to this day. Not only did it survive Pokemon Sword & Shield’s separation from the National Dex, but it also prosperous, becoming Champion Leon’s trademark friend. This Pokemon is near and dear to millions.

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We’ve assembled a team of five great movesets to bring them not only into the main game, but into the competitive scene as well. You won’t be guaranteed to win competitively, but you’ll be off to a good start. And as far as playing through the main story (or “campaign” as it’s often called), this is more than enough.

Updated June 23, 2022 by Quinton O’Connor: How good is Charizard, right? Hot enough that we’re updating our roster to reflect the current meta and better inform bold new Charmander trainers on what to invest in for their friends’ bolder future.


7 (Flamethrower, Air Slash, Barrage of Flare, Dragon’s Breath)

This dual-fire moveset is great if you’re looking to take advantage of both STAB (“Same Type Attack Bonus,” a common term you’ll see elsewhere in our guide) and Charizard’s special attack stat for increased damage. All moves use the special attack status and have good coverage. Flamethrower gets the job done as your fire move, while Flare Blitz is better when you need more, well, firepower. Air Slash and Dragon Breath over pretty solid coverage.

6 (Ancient Power, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Solar Beam)

This could be one of the most useful movesets for Charizard with great strategy and type distribution coverage. Sunny Day buffs Charizard’s Flamethrower (good this time!) and allows it to use Solar Beam with no cooldown, putting any Water- or Water/Ground-type in serious danger.

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Ancient Power takes advantage of Charizard’s excellent Special Attack stat for a rock-type move your opponents never saw coming. It’s a simple premise with minimal setup; Nothing surprises here, but sometimes in life, the easy things are worth fighting for.

5 (Flame Thrower, Dragon Pulse, Fly, Rock Slide)

This is also known as the full-type coverage moveset. While Fly uses physical damage instead of Special Attack, it’s a good defensive move to get away from potentially devastating damage from threats like Hyper Beam. Dragon Pulse is simply a much stronger replacement for Dragon Fang. All of this while Flamethrower functions as a standard high-damage Fire-type move and Rock Slide eschews Ancient Power’s precision in favor of a slightly stronger, slightly less precise move that could send your opponent flinching.

4 (Blast Burn, Substitute, Fly, Solar Beam)

Substitute is the main strategic base of this moveset. It costs about half your health, but if you’re stuck in a bad way (like a major type debuff), you can have it absorb the hit while charging up a Solar Beam. You can also use this with Fly, granting two safety turns if your Substitute lands on one. This is a counter attacking moveset with the idea that you are hitting your opponent with your strongest moves without worrying about the damage coming back to you.

3 (Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Toxic, Roost)

We’d call this Blastizard, but maybe that’s stretching it. Still, it can be said that a Charizard with a very high Special Attack stat is critical to this moveset. Both Fire Blast and Focus Blast can deal tremendous damage with the right IVs and EVs, and while you should never worry about that during single player campaigns, you’ll need to think strategically online.

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Toxic is designed to deal a lot of damage over time, and Roost keeps Charizard in flight form; Neither technique is especially common in the meta these days, so you can keep your enemies on their toes and play the long con while you’re at it.

two (Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Thunder Punch)

This is our favourite. Maybe not ideal for every conceivable situation, that’s where others come in, but all things being equal, it’s great to keep coming back for years to come. Flare Blitz hits for massive STAB damage with knockback, so if you feel like you’re relying on it too much fight after fight, consider replacing Dragon Dance with Roost. But keeping Dragon Dance is ideal; after all, it increases Charizard’s attack stat by two stages, turning Flare Blitz into something akin to Flame Apocalypse.

Earthquake and Thunder Punch are obviously here for cover, but why these two in particular? Earthquake is one of the most powerful physical attacks the games have to offer, and is super effective against several prominent types in the metagame. Meanwhile, Thunder Punch is Charizard’s answer to someone like Blastoise showing up and assuming optimal conditions. He shows that it is wrong.

1 Dynamax Charizard (Blast Burn, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, Hurricane)

Last but not least, we should touch base with Sword & Shield’s biggest literal and figurative deal: Dynamax and Gigantamax. If your Charizard is capable of the former but not the latter, this moveset works wonders. If he’s also capable of Gigantamaxing, well, this moveset will still work wonders; of course, it will only morph a bit to fit the G-Max variations.

The entire success of this Dynamax set relies on having a Charizard with the hidden ability titled Solar Energy. In sunlight, Charizard’s special attack stat will increase at the expense of some of his HP. At the Dynamax level, and especially at the Gigantamax level, that slight drop in HP shouldn’t make or break your plan. Just do some sunlight action, take out Charizard, and behold a powerful special sweeper with excellent cover.

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