Pokémon fan creates an origami figure of Jolteon

A Pokémon fan takes inspiration from Jolteon, the electric-type evolution of Eevee, in his latest creation of paper origami pocket creatures.

In the Pokemon universe, many members of the community would say that Eevee is one of the most flexible Pokémon on the entire list. Being able to evolve into different types of items to suit the player’s needs, Eevee seems to have become as well known as the iconic Electric Pokémon Pikachu. Now him Pokemon The fan base continues to be inspired by the different evolutions of Eevee, with one such fan creating an amazing paper origami figure of Eevee’s electric-type evolution, Jolteon.


Eevee evolutions offer a variety of images and types which makes them quite flexible. This is likely why The Pokémon Company continues to use the entire line of pocket creatures in official merchandise, as well as collaborations and brand partnerships. Some fans may remember that a limited edition Pokemon The x Bear Walker skateboard collection was dedicated to Eevee evolutions, often using the likeness of these pocket-sized creatures to produce original fan art and merchandise.

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To continue his series of Pokemon paper origami creations, Redditor ino87origami shared his latest project on the online forum. This time, the artist focused on Eevee’s electric-type evolution, Jolteon. Many people may remember Jolteon fondly as he is one of the first Eevee evolutions introduced in Gen 1 of the game. Pokemon video game. Evolving Eevee into one of its many types can be memorable for Pokemon players, as they often have certain conditions. In most games, evolving from Eevee to Jolteon requires giving the Pokemon an evolution item called the Thunder Stone.

The creator of the Jolteon origami figure is already quite well known on Reddit for his amazing paper folding skills. They have been posting their other Pokemon creations on the platform, and some of them include Legendary Pokemon like Ho-oh, Giratina, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon. However, the most recent pieces of him seem to be focused on Eevee and its evolutions. Ino87origami has already shared their Vaporeon and Eevee origami paper figures. Jolteon is his most recent creation, and members of the community are likely hoping that the artist will complete the entire line of Eevee evolutions soon.

With six more Eevee evolutions (Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon) to go, Pokemon Fans are likely to see more of ino87origami’s work shared on Reddit. Given the large number of pocket creatures in the Pokemon database, it will definitely be an exciting feat if the artist can make paper origami versions of each of the roster members.

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