Pokemon fan makes adorable wooden ornaments

A Pokémon fanatic creates his own adorable wooden ornaments featuring Generation 1 Pokémon like Pikachu and Jigglypuff.

When it comes to the subject of fan art, the possibilities are endless. Some fans choose to draw their pieces digitally or paint them traditionally, while others are looking for new mediums to show the love for a franchise they hold dear to their hearts.

For a fan, the medium they chose to express their love for the Pokemon franchise is wood carving. While many fan creations have been crafted from wood, this new build seeks to show appreciation for the Pokemon series in the style of ornaments.


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A fan artist on Reddit who goes by the name xthememoryshopx created his own Pokemon-themed decorations designed around popular Pokémon. There are five ornaments in total, each featuring a different Pokémon from the Gen 1 games. The first shows two Bulbasaurs relaxing in a grassy clearing, while the second shows several Squirtles swimming underwater. One of the Squirtles is wearing the pair of sunglasses that Ash’s Squirtle wakes up in the morning with. Pokemon anime series

The third ornament features the franchise’s mascot Pikachu smiling and waving his arms, while the fourth features two Charmanders, one of them asleep. The final ornament shows two Jigglypuffs singing, this being a trait the Pokémon became known for during its appearances in the game. Pokemon anime series While these are the most recent woodcarvings that xthememoryshopx has produced, they have created several others for Pokémon such as Gengar, Eevee, and Psyduck. Other franchises xthememoryshopx create wood carvings to include Star Wars, Sonic the HedgehogY Super Mario.

Woodworking as an art form is something that dates back many years and is becoming a popular trend among those who enjoy it. The intricate details of each of these ornaments may be something fans of this art form will enjoy. Other creators have designed similar wood-based creations, such as decorating Pokemonthemed skateboards.

With the enormous popularity of Pokemon franchise, many fan artists of all different types come forward to introduce their works to the largest fan base. This increased reach allows for new means of artistic expression, and with each new generation of Pokemon franchise, a new set of pocket monsters for fans to create fan art. This may be the reason why the Pokemon The series has grown to such a height in popularity, that no matter what kind of content a fan might crave, they will find someone in the fandom who is creating it. Whether it’s paintings, wood carvings, animations, or plush toys of a popular Pokémon, the Pokemon the fanbase is bound to have made it.

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