‘Pokémon’ Fans Drive Picasso Crazy Trying to Improve Scarlet and Violet ‘Leaks’

Image via TV Tokyo

For the past 24 hours, social media has been dominated by what appear to be leaks of the upcoming Pokemon games Violet Y Scarletclaiming to show new species debuting in the game.

There is a big problem. These images are extremely out of focus and do not provide a clear view of these new Pokémon that have fired the creativity of the fans. Pokemon community.

Taking over Reddit, multiple Pokemon fans have done their best job of predicting what these Pokémon might look like when they arrive in the game by pulling out their pencils to fill in the blanks and bring these leaks to life, with varying levels of drawing skill.

At this time there is no indication that these leaks are genuine, but they may be the most convincing “leaks” to date. Ahead of any new generation Pokemon At the game’s launch, there’s always a lot of speculation about which new species will debut, but things have gotten a bit better this year thanks to regional forms.

Part of the recent leaks has been the rumor that the game will receive a regional form of Girafarig, a Pokémon that first appeared in Generation II. Again, the authenticity of these claims is still unclear, but it has inspired some great fan art.

All questions will be answered in the coming months when these two new additions to the Pokemon The franchise arrives. For those eager to get into action, Pokemon Violet Y scarlet they are scheduled to hit stores on November 18, 2022.

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