Pokemon: Gen 8 Ghost Type Tier List

Pokémon Legends Arceus has Gen 8 completed and soon, the series will move to Gen 9 with scarlet pokemon Y Pokemon Violet. Now that Gen 8 is complete, we can start sorting out the new creatures that were introduced in Pokemon: Arceus, Sword and Shield. Tier lists are an easy way for new players to decide which Pokemon are the best to put on their teams. The levels are also a great topic of conversation between players and veteran fans.

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The Ghost-type is without a doubt a fan favorite for many reasons. Ghost Types are known for their fun and innovative designs, as well as their powerful presence in battle. So, we’ll start with this wonderful guy as we take a look at the overwhelmingly fabulous ghostly entries added to the Pokedex in Gen 8.


Shadow Rider Calyrex

This is simply an overpowered Pokémon. There is no other way to say it. It has phenomenal stats, with 165 Special Attack and a ridiculous 150 Speed. He’s a Psychic/Ghost type, both of which are excellent offensive types, as the only type that can resist both at once is Dark, which means he can hit the big most Pokemon neutrally. He has an absolutely terrifying move in Astral Barrage, a base 120 power, Ghost-type special, a move that has no drawbacks and no chance to miss. Even hit both opponents in a double battle.

Finally, he has a fantastic ability called Como Uno. As One so strong is that they are actually two Skills. The first is Unnerve, a strong ability that prevents the opponent from eating its Berry while the Pokémon with Unnerve is on the field. The other is Grim Neigh, an ability that increases the user’s special attack stat by one level every time they get KO’d, up to 6 times.

All of this comes together to form a Pokémon that is an absolute beast. Make no mistake about it, this is one of the best Pokemon to use in competitive play as of now. The closest thing he has to a glitch is the 4x weaknesses of Ghost and Dark, which are his only 2 weaknesses I might add.

A+ level


Spectrier is a very strong Pokemon with a fantastic ghostly design. With 145 Special Attack, 130 Speed, and a Pure Ghost-type, is clearly meant to be a fast but fragile damage dealer. Further reinforcing this is Grim Neigh, an ability that increases Spectrier’s special attack whenever he KOes something, meaning he can snowball and become unstoppable in the right situation. Pure Ghost is a fantastic guy both offensively and defensively. He can hit most types neutrally, only has 2 weaknesses, and inherently comes with 2 resistances and 2 immunities.

The only thing Spectrier has going against it is the movepool. It’s learn Ghost, Normal, and Psychic moves and really not much else. However, as strong as his high points are, the lack of a good variety of moves doesn’t hurt him too much.


Dragapult is the pseudo-legendary Pokémon of Gen 8 and, boy, does it disappoint. He is a fast mixed attacker with 120 Attack, 100 Special Attack, and an incredible 142 Speed ​​stat. Dragon/Ghost is a strong offensive and defensive pairing, as neither type can resist both STABs simultaneously, and it comes with 6 resistances and 2 immunities.

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The moves and abilities are pretty good too. Dragapult has a very wide movepool, having access to strong attack moves from Dragon, Ghost, Flying, Psychic, Normal, Electric, and Fire, as well as good utility moves such as screens, Dragon Dance, and Substitute.

Skill-wise, he has access to Clear Body (blocks any and all stat reductions), Cursed Body (opponent has a 30% chance that one of his moves will be blocked for 4 turns if Dragapult is attacked ) and Infiltrator (screen effects are ignored).


Hisuian Zoroark

Hisuian Zoroark is a simply delicious surprise Legends: Arceus gave to the series. Easily the most notable is its combination of Normal/Ghost types. This is, without a doubt, one of the best type combinations in Pokemon as a whole.

On the defensive end, he has a single weakness to Dark. That is all. In exchange for this, the combo comes with 2 resistances to Bug and Poison, and a whopping 3 immunities to Normal, Fighting, and Ghost. On the offensive end, there is no type in the game that can resist Normal and Ghost at the same time, which means it will almost never deal any type of resisted damage, which is immensely useful.

He excels at hitting opponents with neutral damage and uses their immunities, resistances, and Skill to get in and out safely. Combine this with Hisiuan Zoroark’s high offensive stats and 110 high speed stat, this thing can easily deal heavy damage if kept away from Dark-type attacks.


Basculegion is a classic example of a well-designed Pokémon. It has an excellent typing combination that is Water/Ghost. This pair has only 4 weaknesses to Grass, Electric, Ghost, and Dark, and 6 resistances to Poison, Ice, Water, Bug, Steel, and Fire, with 2 immunities to Fighting and Normal to top it off. Offensively, it hits 5 types super effectively Ground, Rock, Ghost, Psychic, and Fire, and there is no type that can resist Water and Ghost at the same time.

However, Basculegion’s true magic and what makes it so strong are Skills. First is Adaptability. This ability has a very simple but powerful effect. Makes STAB moves have a 2x multiplier instead of the usual 1.5x multiplier. This means that Basculegion’s Water and Ghost moves will deal absurd damage, especially given the fact that both types are good offensively anyway.

Next up is Rattled. Basculegion is the first really good Pokemon to get this ability. If the user is hit by a Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type move or affected by Intimidate, their speed increases by 1 stage. Basculegion has an average speed stat of 78, but after this boost, it drops to a respectable 117, making him pretty fast.

level b

Hisuian Typhlosion

This is the final evolution of the fire type starter in Legends: Arceus, and is probably the most useful of the 3. It has powerful typing on Fire/Ghost. 5 weaknesses, 7 resist types, 2 immunities, 6 strengths, and no type is able to resist Fire and Ghost at the same time. Hisuian Typhlosion’s most defining trait is that he has an extremely strong combination of high speed, good special attack, and access to the move Eruption.

Eruption is a very powerful move, it’s a Fire-type special move that uses the damage formula of more HP = more damage. At full HP, this move has 150 base power, which is insane. Typhlosion’s Speed ​​of 95 allows him to use this move usually before the opponent can attack him and reduce the move’s damage (and this doesn’t take into account Speed ​​boosts or the Choice Scarf item), and the high Special Attack Typhlosion’s 119 means that Eruption *stings* if the opponent is hit with it.


Polteageist is a very good example of a “one-trick” Pokemon type, but it does that trick incredibly well. Polteagiest has access to the crazy combination of Shell Smash + Stored Power, and is currently the only Pokémon to have this combination. Shell Smash reduces the user’s Defense and Special Defense by 50% in exchange for doubling Attack, Special Attack, and Speed.

Polteageist already has a very high 134 special attack, and his normally average speed of 70 becomes 140 after this boost. Add in that the only 2 types that can resist Ghost’s moves are Dark and Normal, and Polteageist can hold Focus Sash and White Herb items to help negate Shell Smash’s defense drops, and can shred enemies like nothing. .

Stored Power also helps with this goal. Stored Power is a special psychic move that uses the damage formula of more stat increases = more base power. The short explanation for this is that after just one Shell Smash, the base power of this move becomes 140, and the move has no drawbacks or poor accuracy, making it very reliable.



Cursola is a Pokémon that proves that there is power in simplicity. Cursola has a monstrous 145 Special Attack and 130 Special Defense, with a painfully low 30 Speed ​​stat as compensation. It is clear what its function is supposed to be. He uses that high special defense to absorb special moves and return heavy damage with his own special moves, and he has various tools to facilitate this.

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First, the guy. Pure Ghost only has 2 weaknesses against itself and Dark, meaning Cursola won’t take super effective damage often, especially when set up correctly. Ghost also hits every type in the game for neutral damage except Normal and Dark, so not many can take reduced damage from its STAB moves.

Cursola’s movepool is deep. She has access to strong Ghost, Grass, Water, Rock, Ground, Ice, and Psychic-type special attack moves. She can easily fill in any coverage that is missing from the player’s current team. Finally, her ability on her weak armor can make that seemingly horrible speed stat really worth it.


Runerigus, despite being at the bottom of this list, definitely has several things going for him. Ground/Ghost is a very useful type combination. It comes with 5 weaknesses, 3 resistances, and 3 immunities on the defensive side, all of which are good features, but the offensive side is where things get fascinating.

This combo can hit 7 different types for super effective damage, and there is no single type in the game that resists both Ghost and Ground, making this pair useful in just about any situation. He has a very interesting ability called Wandering Spirit. This Skill swaps the Skill of Runerigus and the attacker each time he is hit with a contact move.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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