Pokémon GO, box 1 Poképiece: the contents of the box of July 11, 2022

news tip Pokémon GO, box 1 Poképiece: the contents of the box of July 11, 2022

Each week in Pokémon GO, an event box is made available to players in the Shop. Exchangeable for 1 Pokécoin, this box contains items intended to help trainers progress in the game. Here is the content of the 1 Pokécoin box for Monday, July 11, 2022:

What is the Pokémon GO 1 Pokécoin box?

Pokémon GO is a game designed to inspire people to get out and about to catch Pokémon, defend arenas, and challenge other players to trainer battles. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the pandemic and containment in 2020, Niantic was forced to review its tactics. to allow its players to continue playing while respecting the health instructions. It is from there that the 1 Poképiece box was born. This was added to the game in May 2020, and its content changes every week.

With the implementation of Remote Raid Passthis box has long been advantageous for people forced to stay at home, since it contained it quite regularly. Unfortunately, the Remote Raid Pass was removed from 1 Pokécoin boxes recently., but that does not mean that they have lost all their value. Now, these boxes contain various items useful for progression such as Poke Ballsof the Potionsof the Berriesof the poffinsof the CTof the Premium Battle Passesand sometimes even Super Incubators. Without further ado, discover the content of the 1 Poképiece box for this Monday, July 11, 2022:

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The contents of the 1 Poképiece box of July 11, 2022

This week in Pokémon GO, the 1 Poképiece box contains:

Pokémon GO, box 1 Poképiece: the contents of the box of July 11, 2022
  • 1 Incense
  • 1 Magnetic Lure Module

Appointment on Monday, July 18, 2022 to discover the content of the next Pokémon GO 1 PokéCoin box!

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