Pokemon-Inspired MMO Temtem Gets Massive New Update: Nuzlocke Mode, New Area, and More

One Pokemon-like monster catching game that has actually done quite well is Temtem. Since its arrival on Nintendo Switch last September, the game has received a series of updates.

This latest (Version 1.3) is perhaps the most exciting update yet: it adds new modes, areas, seasons, events, and more:

To get started, add a new “nuzlocke mode“, which imposes “hard and strict rules” on the player:

“You can only catch the first 2 Temtem you see per route (1 Temtem each if you’re playing Co-op!), and defeating or running away from them will still count as having been seen.

Any Tems that faint during your adventure will be released. after the battle. The Tems you catch will not have fertility, so they won’t breed, and you can lose the race if all your Tems are killed.”

the next is Random lock mode. Share the rules of Nuzlocke mode and randomize a lot of things:

“Of issue (including your initials and Items obtained in missions!), to Techniques, collected items worldwide, NPC squads, wild encounters…The only few things that will stay as they are naturally (mostly for technical reasons) will be the Temtem species, with their stats and evolution lines, their Traits and Gears. In this way, Tems will remain a part of their identity even in this chaotic Challenge mode.”

then there is a new Sfast run mode – where the task is simply to complete sections and the game as quickly as possible. If you beat certain times, you will be rewarded with some items in your main slots.

Along with this, there is also a new season.”Season 3 – Clash of the Tamers“, a new event “Leprechaun’s Eve” balance changes and improvements. Last but not least, there is a new area: Nanto Laboratories. Here is the summary:

“The door to Nanto Labs will open to all curious Tamers in 1.3! Inside, you’ll be able to exchange your Lumas for a very suspensive new currency, called luminance drops.

“The amount of Luma Drops you will receive for each Luma will depend on the temtem speciesand whether or not you are the Old Testament for them, or are soul bound to them The more you want, the more you have to sacrifice: such are the laws of equivalent exchange.”

Take a trip to Nanto Labs...
Take a trip to Nanto Labs… — Image: Cream

You can learn more on the Temtem blog and also find out more about this game in our Nintendo Life review:

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