Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans edit existing sprites to recreate new starters and their trainers

Pokemon The game’s graphics have come a long way over the years. After starting with the 8-bit Nintendo Game Boy, the next scarlet and violet pokemon will be released on Switch, offering a three-dimensional open world to explore.

Weather PokemonThe graphics have changed tremendously, the games themselves still have a lot in common with their predecessors. Perhaps that’s part of what makes fans remember older games, even when they’re inspired by the most recent entry in the franchise.


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pokemon black Y White was released over 10 years ago for the Nintendo DS, and became the subject of a sprite makeover. Reddit user CoffeeRacoon shared a build image of the custom sprites at work, turning Gen 5 Pokemon sprites into ultimate starters and Gen 4 sprites into Pokemon trainers. scarlet and violet pokemon. The results are impressive and quite convincing.

Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco are brought to life by modifying the sprites of Purrloin, Ducklett, and Totodile, respectively. The sprites are impressive, with Fuecoco and Quaxly in particular looking like they could have originated from pokemon black Y White. Due to design differences between Purrloin and Sprigatito, Sprigatito’s sprite ends up looking a bit more mature and elegant than his actual appearance, perhaps making him a good candidate to be a sprite replacement for Sprigatito’s evolved form, though only time will tell. point.

Meanwhile, NPC sprites from Pokemon Campers and Pokemon Picnickers, from Generation 4, have been used to redo the basic design of the Pokemon Trainer. scarlet and violet pokemonThe first trailer for . They also look fantastic, and it’s easy to imagine running into one of them in one of the older games and being challenged to a fight.

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For many fans, older Pokemon the games still have their charm. While some were delighted to see Pokemon moving to three-dimensional graphics in a main entrance, others openly expressed that they miss the art of the older Pokemon games. Unfortunately for those gamers, this is likely the closest they’ll get to seeing newer games in an older style.

scarlet and violet pokemon It looks like it will bring a lot to the table, including some new innovations from the main series entries, like the ability to explore the world of Pokemon with multiple friends. while an official Pokemon demake is highly unlikely, fans can rely on talented artists like CoffeeRacoon to show off what scarlet and violet pokemon it might have seemed if the series had never made the technological leap to newer systems.

scarlet and violet pokemon It will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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