Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Beat 6 Star Tera Raid Battles

There are only a few things you can do once you reach the end of the game. scarlet and violet pokemon, and the main one is 6-star Tera Raid Battles. These ultra-difficult encounters pit you against near-max level Terastal Pokémon using light MMO-style mechanics that you must defeat within an aggressive time limit.

Don’t expect to win these fights with just any Pokemon, even if they’re also close to max level – you need to build specifically for 6-star Raids and use particular strategies to get to the top. Let’s go over what you need to know to beat 6 Star Tera Raid Battles in Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet.

How to Beat 6 Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

6 Star Tera Raid battles are difficult for multiple reasons. The enemy Pokemon has much more HP and higher defenses than your standard wild mon, and they’ll also summon shields you need to break, remove status effects, and easily fire a shot or two at any Pokemon that isn’t up to the fight.

While it is possible to tackle these challenging encounters solo, doing so requires some serious preparation. These are the most important steps you can take.

Choose the correct pokemon

Not all Pokemon are suitable for high level raids. The ones you want to use can deal massive damage quickly, buff that damage on command, and self-heal when needed. They should also have enough survivability to rack up even super effective hits from Terastal’s opponent.

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There are a few meta options that you should seriously consider bringing in.

  • Iron Hands is the current go-to. His massive attack and HP stats, plus the ability to use Belly Drum for an attack boost and Drain Punch for damage and healing, make him ideal for conquering even the toughest of challenges.
  • Azumarill with the Fairy Tera Type is an excellent second option. When fighting a Special Attack Pokemon Tera that would be effective against Iron Hands, Azumarill is a good alternative. Add Fairy-type moves to your repertoire and provide cover against some of Iron Hands’ weaknesses.
  • Koraidon/Miraidon are also good alternatives. The Legendary box for Scarlet and Violet can be a good tertiary option, mainly because you’re limited to two of them per game and therefore can’t farm properly. Their stat line, move list, and type advantages allow them to take on just about anything in the 6-star pool.

Train your Pokémon to its limits

6 Star Tera Raids require specially trained Pokemon to properly overcome them. Even using the meta options, you’ll want to take a few steps to prepare them properly.

  • Raise your team to 100. 6-star battles almost require max level Pokemon, so you’ll be putting in a bit of work to get your core team up to speed. Lower level Tera raids will provide the experience candy you need to get your Pokemon to 100, just like raising high level monsters in the wild.
  • Hyper train your pokemon to the max. Hyper Training requires paying a man near the Montefridge Pokémon Center in Bottle Caps to increase your team’s IVs. You can also use complementary medicines like protein and carbohydrates for a quick boost. You can only boost two of your Pokemon’s stats to their absolute peak, so choose the ones they’re already best at to improve.
  • EV train your pokemon. In addition to IVs, there are also effort values ​​that increase your team’s base stats. These EVs can be increased through Training by fighting against wild Pokémon or specific Trainers. You can also equip special items to further increase your EV gains.
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Use the right strategies

While it is possible to rampage in 6-star Tera Raids with fully equipped Iron Hands or Azumarill, sometimes you might hit an unexpected wall. That’s when you need to supplement raw power with tactics.

  • Just Terastallize to take out the shield.. Midway through a Tera Raid, as long as you haven’t knocked out the opponent, the Raid Pokémon will summon a shield that greatly increases its defense. That’s your cue to Terastallize your Pokemon to maximize its ability to break through the barrier. If your partner faints, you lose the Terastal effect, so make sure you’re prepared.
  • Use support moves if your team is having trouble. Moves like Helping Hand and encouraging heals or attack boosts can be essential if your teammates, whether real players or AI, are on the ropes.
  • A faint is not the end. If your Pokémon faints, there will be a five second cooldown before they return to the fight. Passing out once isn’t the end of the world, so factor that into your planning. Passing out two or three times is probably the end of the Raid though.

If you take these tips to heart, 6-star Tera Raid Battles should be much more manageable than if you weren’t prepared. With the right Pokemon and enough training, they can even be easy.

It’s all a matter of how much effort you want to put into bringing your team to its full potential. For more information scarlet and violet pokemoncheck out our guides on how to get tera shards Y how to breed and lay eggs. Our Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet guide center has more.

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